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After the long serie of Nephilim episodes, I needed, and maybe so did you, a little light episode. Let’s say a couple random encounters and a couple songs.

While recently in Florence for a weekend, I decided that I should check the local tabletop RPG store.

After googling the area, I happened upon a very nice place called Stratagemma.

They happened to run some Dungeons & Dragons in English on that day. I didn’t met only Cassandra and Sarah, the very friendly owner and one of the regulars. I also met Valerio Amedei author of the novel “La Carne, l’Acciaio e il Vapore” and its tabletop RPG adaptation “L’Ingranaggio/The Gear“.

Have a listen to this episode and step through the doors of Stratagemma in Florence.

People in there have great Italian games and anecdotes to share.

The Rolistes Podcast is a proud member of The RPG Academy Network. Make sure to check their many excellent shows, including the last Show & Tell episode, of their eponymous podcast, dedicated to the Kickstarter Happiest Apocalypse on Earth.

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Thanks for accepting me in the group.

I am well into the seacond season of my London-based podcast.

It is dedicated to fans of tabletop RPG fans from both sides of the Chanel, the Pond and beyond, what they do, what's their walk of life, as well as the games, shows and books they love.

I try to produce a show attractive for both rpg savvy and people curious about the subject who don't have any prior knowledge of it.

Let me know what you think.


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Some interesting discussions going on from SiteVisibility here. Though their angle tends to be more business podcasting than entertainment podcasting.

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Anybody use podcast hosting services here? (e.g. lisbsyn) Thinking of using one, but not sure who or even if I should use one 

Hi Guys,
Just to give you the heads up - we're running a "digital debate" in a couple of days time related to the General Election. I won't promote details here (bad form) but if anyone is podcasting about politics/social media within politics, feel free to PM me for the inside track.

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Something odd going on with my downloads this week on the Meaningful Money podcast. Since last Tuesday, coincidentally the day before I released episode 100, I have averaged 430 downloads a day, rather than the 800 per day I was averaging before that.

iTunes had an outage last week, but Libsyn report nothing wrong.

Anyone here got any ideas?

Can someone explain 'Match Volume' in Audition to me? I put all the tracks in have it analyses them and tell it match them to one of the files. Then it just make them each a different volume at random. 

What am I missing?

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If there's one hashtag on Twitter that's worth checking out at the moment, it's the one in the link. Some tasty US podcaster listener research.

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May be something for those new to making podcasts to think about, but equally important for you to revisit after your show has been running for a while, so that you can evaluate if the show is where you want it to be.
Are you a podcasting virgin? If so, our 2nd episode with #podcasting mentor, +David Jackson, is definitely for you. Join us for a little education from the School of Podcasting!

And, as always, feel free to leave a review at OR
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