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My Oc Kayleen
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Must I do this bullshit again

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( open rp)
Silver had just finished a killing spree but she was being followed by the police. They had been after her for years by order of her father after almost killing him. They had caught her and brought her to a mental ward. She was strapped to a bed, tears streaming down her cheeks, and the 'doctors' were about to begin shock therapy, the device hovering over her. She screamed through the strap over her mouth as the doctors put wires in her skin....
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(Reposted for +Papau Reyes )
(Open to anyone; I can do reposts.)
(By the way, regular text and regular bold text is Flame (First Photo), and italic text and italic bold is Wednesday (Second Photo))
Flame looks around the beach, feeling a little uncomfortable in her red bikini Sister, tell me, again, why you invited me to do this?
Wednesday smiles at Flame and begins to laugh, a hand fixing a strap on her black bikini Are you telling me, sister, that you haven't been to the beach since we were kids?
Flame sighs Wednesday, I am part bat now. If I even get my wings a little wet, they won't work until they're dry again. She shows her wings slightly in emphasis
Wednesday smiles sadly at Flame Then, sister, you don't have to swim, but will you at least sit on the sand with me? Do some of our childish games to make up for lost time?
Flame sighs quietly, looking at Wednesday and then offering a soft smile Alright, sister.
Wednesday smiles happily and begins setting up their spot on the beach, pulling out some pales and buckets First on the list; we need to build sand castles, like those big ones we used to make when we were kids.
Flame chuckles and takes a pale and two buckets Alright, sister.
They begin to make a base of a sand castle, smiling softly at each other. As they continued to build their sand castle, you were off in the distance, visiting the beach on your own terms. You looked over at the girls, a little surprise anyone else was out here, and you...

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Name : nova blanc
Could name: spectrum
Likes: art music. Creativity. Violence. Blood
Dislikes: stupidity. Most people.being used. Fish
Weapon: knives and bows.
ECT: can heal people with her paint.
Bio: her parents hated her for being creative instead of good at math. One day they decided to try and take it away. She ran to the kitchen and stabbed them. After word she painted their dead bodies withe blood and paint. She wears a cute lil demon tail, horns and wing set. When she kills someone she looks like the second pic.
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(Continuation Reserved for +Kayla Coated)
Flame and Raven are in the abandoned music room, Flame playing My Melody on the piano

Jamie pushes you out of her way as she walks to class you should really watch where you're going kid she smirks and walks to her class. You roll your eyes, obviously tired of her bullshit. You walk into class and let out a long irritated sigh. This is one of the classes you share with Jamie/Jessie. You sit in your seat and take out your homework. Jamie taps your shoulder and you roll your eyes what do you want you whisper,not wanting to get in trouble can you more your head. I can't see you move a bit and she sits back. A couple minutes later she puts her feet up and "accidentally" kicks you. do you mind you turn around to glare at her and she shrugs and smirks not at all The teacher yells at the both of you and you try to protest, telling her that Jessie started it. She wouldn't have it and told the both of you to go to the heads office. You both stand up with your things and leaves the class

(( +Lewis Munsin​​ I'll tag you in my characters profile alright?)) 

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Naomi sits against a tree, listening to the noises of the birds and the wind hitting the trees leaves. Since she can't see the noises are louder than they are to others
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