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Hello, I stumbled onto you group. Since I am having an interest in this field of science I figured I would join. I hope that is okay and I hope I get the opportunity to learn from people much smarter than I.

Welcome +sireesh adimadhyam From our past conversations I know your into this field, so I made you an owner of this community. Feel free to modify as you see fit. I'm trying to find a good picture and topic list atm.

Hi, I am Simon. I have a few theories on the universe. The biggest one is my multiverse theory. The basic premise is that there are other universes besides our own, and they have a gravitational impact on our universe. I'm not talking about parallel universes - I'm talking about other universes just like our own in size and scale that are in gravitational effect range of our universe. While we are tought that 'the' universe is the only one, and is 10-15 billion years old, I believe that our universe is just one of many and the true age of the universe - well lets call it 'time' is infinite - so there are an infinite number of other universes outside the space that ours occupies.  

The common response I get to this is 'well you cant detect another universe anyway. My response is that I would expect to see a distortion in the shape of the extremities of our universe as a result of the gravitational effects of other universes or 'verses' as I refer to them that are relatively close by.
I have had a brief look at wmap and the premise behind it. While I require a lot of further research, my initial conclusion was that if my theory is right, some very respected concepts would be made invalid (hubble) - and that is pretty scary. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm open to discussing this in further detail.

If my theory is correct, it might actually disprove dark matter - replacing it with gravitational effects from other verses.

What makes more sense - an explanation that does make sense, or some special form of energy that cant be detected or anything, and is called dark matter and has counter-intuitive properties?

Looking forward to discussing your theories and this one too.
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