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Name: Aleera
Age: 17
Species: Half demon
Personality: artistic, never dull
Father: Baal, commanding general of the infernal armies
Diagnosis: Server bipolar disorder, split personality disorder, and cationic schizophrenia. “My mood changes at the drop a dime, I’ll show you everything and anything your dark little heart desires.”
Weapon preference: Butcher knife and mace rough, torture and begging 
Dislikes: boring situations
Bio: Raised in hell's abyss for most of my childhood, was cast out when I was 13 for drawing 'unwanted attention,' worked as an auto mechanic for awhile then found my passion in killing. 
Photo anyone here actually clincally insane(i am >:3 )

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Name: Aki bled

Real name: Aki Somia

Age: 13

Gender: female

Likes: TV, reading, the woods, slender man, other insane people, the Internet, music...

Disorder: Insanity, nose bleeds, and a brain disorder that makes her see the dead and future, haft the reason they thought she was insane/crazy....

Dislikes: being called a freak, bugs, heat, veggies, being Bord....

Bio: she was never a normal child, she was gifted and she was always happy and always smiling and giggling, she was never thought of as insane, just a little different, she started liking horror and death, she then was acting strange, gearing for there lives her family left her in the night, and here we r....

Species: human

Profession/weapon: sais....

Phrase: and I bled, and bled, and bled....
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Tell me im pretty....

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Who wamts blood milk

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whos really been in a hospital raise your hand?

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Would anyone like to play with me - smiles sadisticly -

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dark and evil
scythe,sword,spear,shield and bow with arrows
good things
I will take your soul

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roams the forest for humans
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