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As the Summer approaches and you can sit back, relax, and join us once again for VSTE's Annual Summer Book Club.

With the poll closing Friday Night, we had a close race this year. But the final results are in:

In fifth place, we have Communities of Play.

In fourth place, The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain.

In third place, we have Snow Crash.

In second place, we have Player Piano.

And in First place, we have bit by bit: How Video Games Transformed Our World.

Link to get the book: (ebook $18/Hard $18) 293 pgs.

***We are not playing favorites, if you wish to get your book from some other retailer that's will be just fine.

The book is a witty & humorous look at how video games have shaped the world we live in and takes one part autobiographical, one part interviews, one part comedy, and a whole lot of gaming references. From the pong to popular arcades to the PC/Console Wars and virtual reality of today, it is a refreshing look at how so much of our lives have been affected by games.

Since the book is roughly 300 pages, we will stick to our normal plan of every other week. The specific dates for the inworld meet-ups will be posted within the coming weeks. We will have fun discussions, a guest speaker or two, and fun supplementary activities to help you explore the book further.


Vasili A. Giannoutsos

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A big thanks to Dakotah Redstone for guiding me through some farming!! I now have a small area for crops and one animal in my fence! Yay!!

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not really relevant here (?) but a personal obsession...
new Collier upload...
:) Dakotah
new version of what was playing in my head the last few days...
maybe I AM psychic ;)

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Cool FREE escape game created by my brilliant nephew!

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I found a short clip of when I first started the lighthouse...

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A mystery!!!
(with buried treasure)
It appears that an old body was found in the desert.
In the body were some poisoned arrows.
On the body was an old camera.
In the camera was some old film, some small holes and some fine dust.
On/in the film were some small holes, some fine dust and what was left of some old images...
(during processing the film did not maintain it's integrity, so images may be missing or out of sequence)
there just might be enough information left to...
determine what happened and where.
Who knows... something of scientific value might still be there.
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Hi Everybody....I've been a member of the Summer Survival for about 2 weeks...sorry, just getting around to introducing myself. I teach 7th grade English at Renaissance Academy. I hope I'll be able to figure out everything I'm supposed to do.

Hi all! Anyone who is doing Summer Survival I need to do a Synchronous meeting with someone and in doing that I sure could use some help finding seeds and getting this farm going! Anyone want to plan a game time? Thanks a bunch!! --WiseOwl51773

I got a different computer I can play on and I need the server address so I can get on, I had to request another join on this account because I forgot my password to my other account.

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