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New logo! This will be used for the website and all of our social networks. These apricots only cost 30p each. Hope you guys like it.

Good news guys, I managed to finally get some apricots. I'm working on the logo right now.

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I'm now on Tumblr! check out for more updates on Juicy Apricot Games and what I'm working on.

#JuicyApricotGames #penguins #indiegamedevelopment
New features being added, you can now access the "wardrobe" room, where you will be able to choose from a collection of different penguins to use in the game. As of now all the penguins will be the same size and the only difference between them will be how they look. We are considering making different penguins that have different abilities and advantages, but are hard to unlock. Comment and let us know what you think we should have.

ever heard of Mimi and the Mites? Trying to re-create it!

What do you use for making the games?

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New features added to the game:
At the start menu you now have 2 options, ENTER to start the game or ESC to exit the game,
At any point during the game, ESC will take you back to the start menu,
Pressing F at any point in the game now makes the game full screen.

Bugs found/created:
Pressing F again once in full screen will not take you back to windowed mode (it should).

Bugs fixed:
VSync is now always enabled so no more screen tearing.
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New Features added to the game:
Being hit by a bomb now takes away 1 point.

New features added to the game:
Collecting a big fish now gives you 10 health,
Added Music,
Added Sounds when eating fish, big fish and being hit by bomb,
The player can no longer leave the window,
The Walrus' tusks are now blood-covered,
Improved all sprites,

Bugs found:
Screen tearing when not using VSync (to be expected),
health can exceed 100 when too many big fish are consumed,

We have now purchased a license so we are able to continue our work on the game. :D
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