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Tip for best selling author
Talking from the designer’s perspective, ebook cover designs are becoming important part of the design world and is gaining importance. Which is the secret to many author selling

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Are You An Upcoming Author that is surrounded by competitors? or You Are An Author that still struggle to make sales? or your book sits on a virtual website or real store bookshelf. Here is the secret of how to make sale to your books or ebook among the pool of competitors.
You may be one of the serious author that is naturally inclined to solve the problems of the people with your writings but without an attractive book cover your book will not leave the store or get notice in the pool of its competitors.
What are important things to keep in mind while writing the books? The most important thing is, no matter what, it should be a good writing. Other important factors are that it should be closely related to the title of the book and there must be a connect between the story and the cover page.

As an Author, you must convey your priorities to the designer. Your idea must be conveyed very clearly and you should be open to new suggestions from the designer who is creating the cover page. You can show it to random people for their ideas and suggestions. It really helps as you get very true feedback. If the need be, ask the designer to change it completely or make suitable changes.

Another suggestion is to look for a variety of book covers available on the internet and understand various types of covers that you need to create and you can present that to the designer. After that, finalize the ones that you think will suit your story because you will find a lot of concepts available. Once you have taken an idea, you can ask your Designer to come up with something similar. In short getting the right book cover is like winning half the battle.
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