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Pajaro de fuego
Pajaro de Fuego in #Sayulita is a four building luxury #condominium #resort within a block away from the beautiful northend of the Sayulita Bay and minutes from the shops and restaurants in the downtown area.
#beach #hotel #Mexico #food 

I am American, but had lived in Tunisia for 2 years. My husband and son currently live in Tunisia. Because of my time there, I may be of some assistance to those looking to travel to Tunisia. Plus can also provide important contact information while traveling. Can even help in brushing up on some important Tunisian phrases; being the Arabic spoken there is not quite the same as traditional Arabic.
I can also provide advice and information for anyone planning to marry in Tunisia.
The information that I can provide, can make for a wonderful and safe travel experience.

Anyone looking to buy airline tickets to Tunisia, I highly recommend checking out Turkish Airlines. I find the tickets to be less, and the airline to be very high quality. I have had better experiences with them, than any other carrier or even discount ticket sites.
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