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Teacher 1 (Mad Hatter):

Teacher 2 (Chesire Cat):

Teacher 3 (Queen of Hearts):

Librarian: +Kat Wilson


 Ace: +Mizuki -Chan 
Oh and quick note: Your character can be a child of one of the teachers for example: Mine is the child of the Mad Hatter,Your character can also be related to another member's character,Just tag them in family if they are.

Have Fun~

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This is no joke.
The people saying it's fake
Are liers its true

Lets get some more profiles here-

Akuma, the new librarian, walks into the library slowly. Her eyes dart all over the giant room. "Wow... I've never seen a room so large, let alone a library." She smiles and walks to the little door attached to the front desk, opens it and stands on the inside of it. "This should be fun right? My first real job.." She looks over to a young girl with white hair and a cutesy looking outfit, she almost gagged at the sight of the outfit but remained a straight face so she wouldn't offend her. Smiles slightly at the girl. "How may I help you?"

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Name: Akuma Sasaki
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Weight: About 130 lbs
Height: 5'11
Personality: Non-social (but not because she wants to be, she's just naturally a loner), cold, calm unless regarding work (then she is high-strung), generally kind unless work gets in the way, a bit cocky sometimes.
Likes: Anything gothic, adventure, fighting, using her wits to solve a tough problem.
Hates: Girly things, pink, people who can't keep up with her (mentally or otherwise.)
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes(her eyes can change from their normal icy blue color to blood red, it changing can indicate that she is angered or annoyed), tends to wear gothic victorian outfits.
Skills: Her most useful skill is her intelligence on history, myths, and legends. She can also easily crack codes and is very sneaky. Fluent in many languages, mostly Japanese.
Role: Librarian.
Natural Abilities: Black magic and a bit of green magic.
Relationship: None so far.
Bio: Bio... lets see.. I have dozens and dozens of historical books in the library. Every little thing has some history. Name any legend or mythology, I can tell you all about it. One other thing you should know about me is, I've seen things, things that.. oh... what was the phrase..? "would blow your mind" I suppose (wow that sounds corny -_- ), I don't really remember anything of my past besides the fact that I'm an orphan, but  the past is the past and the only thing that matters now is who I have become.... right?
Family: Unknown.
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"Welcome to Mirrors~ Through this Mirror is another version of this school,Your personality will change. (If you are good you will change Bad if you are Bad you will change good)
I hope you have a time full of Despai-Erm I mean a time full of great adventure once you pass~"

Update on Roles

Teacher 1 (Mad Hatter):

Teacher 2 (Chesire Cat):

Teacher 3 (Queen of Hearts):

Librarian: +Kat Wilson


Ace: +Mizuki -Chan

Comment if you want a role

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((2nd Profile character's POV))

"Bunnies! sweet Bunnies! Oh and Chocolate is very good!"

Weight:106 pounds
Skills:Maddy can Juggle,Play Card tricks,Draw,Teach Bunnies how to Protect them selves.
Likes: Maddy is really in love  with Chocolate..and Tea,Mornings,Bunnies , Like all animals, Flowers.
Dislikes: Meanies and she really dislikes Fridays. she thinks its the most Jinxed day of the week.
Personality: Maddy's Friends sometimes think she is Loosing her mind,But that Just Maddy don't like don't talk to her..Other People that Met maddy think she is weird Because  She  acts Like a Little Kid.Well  she doesn't care she  can do what she want when  she wants.want.She is always happy all the time! Maybe because Of the Hot chocolate she drink Every morning....

Appearance:well Maddy used to  Have all Pink hair Until an Unfortunate Change of events Some Of her Pink hair turned White. IT Changes to Pink to White and Pink On its own! She wear a Little White Top Hat at the top of her head and  it has Pink flowers around it. A white Jacket that also looks like  she is wearing a too too.She Has sparkling Blue eyes because  She thinks she is so fabulous.

Bio: Well I grew up as a Normal girl Until I came across a Mysterious Pond. When I touched it Poof! I changed. I changed into The Mad Hatter But a Girl Version! Its so amazing I can Interact with Bunnies Eat chocolate Drink tea.I Kept this a secret from Dusk and Kai.Shhhhhhhh Don't tell them pretty please. Anyways I'm the youngest out of three kids. But Then I was Taken away from My real family and Replaced with another family where the Real Mad Hatter Is Now My dad!When I saw him I was Oh my gosh this is so awesome! Now I Have Bunnies for sisters........Okay I was Just joking about my new sisters being Bunnies. I Only Have two sisters One Of them Is named Lizzy. and the other one is Named Lisa. My "Dad" Gives me permission to visit My actual Family whenever I want.I Will Be nice to everyone! even the people who don't Like me!....But Don't Take me for a fool I have a sad side....I Enrolled into this school By Myself Because I am a "Responsible"Young adult. Now If you excuse me I Have a Tea date with Mr.Rabbit Ta ta~~

Other Information: She doesn't like to admit that she has a sad side. She also wears another top hat with the royal "M" so people from Wonderland knew she was related to the Mad Hatter.

Pets: She has a Little Bunnie Named Coco. Who eats up most of  her chocolate! And she Hides in her Backpack.

Mad Hatter (Adoptive Dad)
Lizzy and Lisa (Older sister)
Queen of Hearts (Adoptive Mother)

Quotes when she is Insane:

"There is no such thing as.....Sane.....SaNe IS FoR THe WEAK"

Theme song:
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Ou have no idea how happy this invitation makes me.
I am sorta obsessed with Wonderland in its many forms.
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