Standing beside a large plate glass window I look out over the city

thick curls of grey mist slide across the ground, cast in an eerie glow emanating from nowhere. Jeris stands in the road, listening for the sound she heard moments before as she quietly withdraws her crystal sword

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Name: Jeris (a.k.a. the Crystal Huntress)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Job: Bounty Hunter
Species: Fairy Huntress
Powers: wind and healing
Weapons: glass daggers, crystal sword
Bio: She was raised by a Thief Lord and a Huntress and became very well known in the Black Market.

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Here is another site of the city of Tendaron

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Here is another part of Shaliens city

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Name: James Barnes
Title: The Winter Soldier
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Job: Assassin
Species: Super human
Powers: Super strength, advanced reflexes
Weapons: A mechanical arm
Bio: He was once a normal man, before he joined the army. The enemy found him after he fell off of a cliff and they experimented on him. Creating The Winter Soldier.
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Name: Krása
Age: 19 
 Gender:  Female
Job: knight
Species: Goddess 
Powers: Invisibility 
Info: I'm sweet and kind at times but i'm mostly tough and hard to get to open up to you. or anyone. im tough and love to laugh
 Bio: When i was 15 my parents wanted me to marry a young man the same age , that i dont even know, i disagreed and told them no and they were forcing the marriage so i packed my stuff and ran away , i ran to sky city then to water city, and now im trying to find a place of my own

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Here it the Shalince City

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Forest City

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