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ah, uhm... I know there are a lot of Len's here but since i got invited here, why not?

Name: Len Kagamine -- codenamed CV02

Age: 14

Birthday: December 27, 2007.

Height:  156cm (5'1.4")
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)

Favorite Genre: pop dance and rock / pop-pop songs - enka

Good range: F3 - C5

Character Items: Road-roller and banana!

Likes: Bananas, Singing, Having fun, being with my friends, video games, drawing, meeting new people... kinda... and anything really

Dislikes: being called "Shota", reading, wearing glasses and being ignored.

Something interesting-ish:
family name was chosen by combining "kagami" (鏡, mirror), "ne" (音, sound)

YAY! done~  (๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) sorry it took so long

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Likes:Anything with strawberrys,

Dislikes:The dark,Being Alone.

Bio:Hinaighigo is Rozen Maiden doll No.6
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Name: len kagamine
Likes: neru akita...yea I said it! Bananas and video games
Hates: rejection, bullies and sadness
Personality: perv, carring, nice, shy, depressed, loanly
Age: 15

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Name: Rin Kagamine. (Older)

Age: 19.5

Gender: female

likes: sketching partying hanging out and rocking out and she loves to train

Dislikes: jerks cheaters and bullies

height: 5.8

birth: December 22nd 1994

Eye color: baby blue/blood red

weight 127

Number vocaloid 02

About: loves to make friends and she is a little evil may I warn u do not upset her she loves her daggers and is not afraid to fight she won't back down from one but she will protect those she loves no matter what..she hates to be called out and she will turn into DOE aka Daughter Of Evil this only happens when she is angered but she is also very sweet kind and caring.

Crush: smirks u don't need to know

Personality: she is sweet caring kind she's a great listener and loves to make others happy

Appearance: she wears mostly skirts and her shirt and tie sometimes dresses she has long blond hair

School status: student

humanity: neko/demon/human vocaloid
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Name: Chun-Yan Wang
Age: 13
Gender: female
Likes: Pandas, Hello-Kitty, singing, dancing
Dislikes: bad luck, bullies, bad weather
Personality: fun, a bit shy, bubbly
Most likely to say: "aru" at the end of her sentences.
Class: 1-A First Year
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