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Name:  Strike 
age: 8
gender: boy
clan: fire clan and shadow clan
shadow fire unicorn
home: fire clan and shadow clan's main territory's
bio: he switches between fire clan and shadow clan.  because of this the 2 clans have united. he is only friendly to certain humans. he is not evil not good.

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name: Crimson
age: 7
gender: boy
clan: fire clan
red smoke unicorn
home: he follows the mist
bio: friends with honeycome

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name: Honeycomb
gender: girl
age: 6
clan: nature clan
golden tint unicorn 
home:she follows the mist
Bio: friends with Crimson

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Name: Red-chain 
age: 8
gender: girl
clan: shadow clan
red and black unicorn
home: snowy pine forest
bio: she was captured by hunters and they wanted her so bad (because she is rare) that they put chains around her. the chains are still their and now she keeps them as a sign to not mess with her.

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Age:3 years
Crush: none
Home: grassy fields of magic
Personality: nice,sweet,courages,taleted,loves everyone,daring,brave
Other: will turn into dragon in anger
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hey guys can you please help me get more members in this community.

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Name: Diamond and Jewel
Gender: both females
Age: Diamond is 18 and Jewel is 6
Home: forest
Unicorn mom and foal

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Name: moon
Gender: mare
Home: the mountains
black unicorn

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Name: Amalthea
Gender: female
Age: 6
Home in the forest near a pond
unicorn/human: unicorn

When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain 
And the last lion roars at the last dusty fountain 
In the shadow of the forest though she may be old and worn 
They will stare unbelieving at the last unicorn 

When the first breath of winter through the flowers is icing 
And you look to the north and a pale moon is rising 
And it seems like all is dying and would leave the world to mourn 
In the distance hear the laughter of the last unicorn 

I'm alive, I'm alive 

When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning 
And the future has passed without even a last desperate warning 
Then look into the sky where through the clouds a path is torn 
Look and see her how she sparkles, it's the last unicorn 

I'm alive, I'm alive
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Name Aurora
Age 1100
Gender mare
Home mountains and forest
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