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Although these photos may be only for some I strongly must encourage avoiding anything bought from anywhere. Grow them yourself or get from a very reliable source! I will post some sources I've found that I would trust.
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Why I have chosen is the clear understanding that everything around us is poison. Food, water, dirt, air, people, products, media, religion, homes, etc... truly there is not one thing I can think of that is not poison. People are killing themselves, others, their babies, pets are flooding in like mad and being used as a profit for vets, local stores, and let's not forget what other countries use them for! I have family members in denial not even caring to do the proper research to look into these poisonings and if they do they stick with one or two sources and give all there trust in them. I personally have looked at, read, and studied all I can from this deceiving country to the next and finally have found some truth that I must then test for myself to realize the reality of its effects. All in hope to give my children the best out come of all situations including death. I look around everyday to see the lack of ambition that you'd think some would have simply to find out that they haven't got a clue! I create this page for those ambitious ones. And realize that knowledgeable changes do take time but I'm willing to share all I've learned and hope others can help me learn as well. Thank you.

Off grid self reliance is open to discuss the reasoning behind the "why"!

Vocabulary! Words are powerful! Words define our emotions. Witch words are part of your vocabulary?
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