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Hello everyone!
👩‍🎓Check out my latest Video on Asking for Clarifications!👩‍🎓It’s very useful for general conversations and for speaking exams (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE…)! I hope you like it! Let me know in the Comments.

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Hi guys, I'm a college student of “Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)” major at MA level, I’m going to hold some free English online classes on Skype software, If you'd like, ask me to add you, by the way, don't forget to mention in your add message that you are requesting for free conversation class, my Skype ID is: mohsen.eslamian. Regards, Mohsen

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'English is too hard  !'   --   It is true,  if we restrict ourselves to
the conventional practices of learning it ..
'English is too easy  !'   --   It is also true,  if we can adopt certain
easy methods and simple techniques in the process  !!
Would you like to know what those  easy methods  and
techniques  are ..?
Would you also like to know many  interesting facts  about
English Language  ..?
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                       (   by   'Gnanee'   )

Dear English Learners,

Do you know the importance /impact of  'Reading' ..?

Reading helps you to build up and strengthen your
'vocabulary'  !
Reading enables you to improve your  'spelling'
accuracy  !
Reading leads you to know the  'meaning'  of many
many new words,  from time to time  !
Rading  'aloud'  streamlines your  'pronunciation'  !
Reading indirectly teaches you  'Grammar'  !
Reading unknowingly makes you to learn something
about  'punctuation'  !
Reading paves a way for you,  to understand and
cultivate the  'structured english'  !
Reading also intuits you to improve your
'communication skills'  !!

Amazing know ..?!

That powerful and potential an activity is  'English
Reading'  !!!

To know about many more features pertaining to
English Language,

please visit:

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is it true?????

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