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You can also join the community for The Velvet Glove.

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Setting up a Dip zine - The Velvet Glove.
Looking for articles.

Is anyone else not able to get on the forum right now?

The site is getting malware warnings again. Our own analysis and google's doesn't find any actual problems, it is likely that someone posted a link to another site that Google thinks might host badware. We are working to get it cleared up.

As many folks have noticed, PlayDip is now being blacklisted by Google and perhaps other providers who follow their lead. We believe this was probably caused by a user posting a link to a malware site in the forum or  a shoutbox. We are working to resolve it.

In the mean time, if you feel that you still trust the site, you can access it by telling Firefox or Chrome to ignore the warning and proceed to the site.  Chrome seems to have a little more trouble accepting that decision than Firefox does.

The site seems to be down, perhaps connected with unwarranted warnings from Google that it was an attack site. Hopefully we will get things straightened out soon!

Site is down for me today, I don't know why.

I can't seem to get onto the site, is it down?

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Upcoming server maintainance: Tuesday the 22nd of October at 09:00 GMT. We're expecting up to 48 hours of down time, but I'll post any info here about how things are progressing.

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if you haven't noticed it, one of our PlayDip members has put up an add-on for Google Chrome... take a look! 
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