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Check out the pancake recipe in this blog - delicious
How To Eat Gluten Free On Budget

When you or a family member are first diagnosed with celiac disease one of the concerns most people have is the added financial burden of going gluten free. But it need not be that way. It is possible to eat a gluten free life on a budget. But it may take a bit more organisation.

Eating in and cooking from scratch is a trend now. And for those of who need to eat gluten free, it is possibly more necessary. When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease I decided to turn my whole kitchen into a gluten free zone and found it much easier and cheaper that way.

1. Buy grocery items on sale and stock up. Gluten free natural products such as beans. rice. canned tomatoes. canned soups and quinoa often come on sale. Also look out for specials on gluten free pasta, flour, soy sauce, cereals and other gluten free products. Stock up when you can. And buy GF pasta and flours in

2. Remember most natural products such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs, vegetables and fruits are gluten free so there is no added cost there. So your stable diet could consist entirely of meat, fruit and vegetables. Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season because they will be cheaper. You can buy in bulk and freeze them for use later. Shop at your local Farmers' market or the like for seasonal inspirations and budget friendly prices.

3. Make your own snacks instead of buying pre-packaged. Prepare your own dips. For example, you can make twice as much hummus for less than half the price. Rice crackers are very cheap and are so tasty with dips or cheese

4. Use more potatoes and sweet potatoes for carbohydrates. They're amazingly versatile and gluten free. You can make a soul warming, and tummy filling leek and potato soup for very little investment. You can make a baked potato or a sweet potato the center of a meal rather than a side dish. Top them with cheese or chilli. Or stuff them with your favorite fillings. Easy and cheap. Buy them at your local Farmers Market.

5. Rice is also a cheap easy way to get carbohydrates – plain or fried, or make a delicious risotto. Use leftovers or chopped veggies to make a creative meal.

6. Eat eggs they are delicious and nutritious as well as cheap. Fried, scrambled, boiled, omelettes with your favorite fillings and quiche with left over veggies are all cheap and Delicious. Devil eggs make a great snack. Make egg and banana pancakes for a sweet (see recipe below). You don’t even need flour in them.

7. Gluten free pasta is god send. Even though gluten free pasta is more expensive than regular varieties you can often buy in bulk and save. I make all my sauces gluten free by thickening them with cornflour and using natural products. I then have TWO separate pots of pasta. One gluten free pasta for my celiac daughter and the other regular pasta for the rest of my family. This makes serving pasta to the family cheap and easy. Freeze some of the sauce for a quick meal later.

8. Make gluten free soup out of natural ingredients and it can save you. I make it in a slow cooker to also save energy costs. If making minestrone add gluten free pasta instead of regular pasta so the entire family can eat it..

9. Make your own broths and stocks- don't bother buying expensive gluten free broths and stocks. Make your own with water. Fill a pot. Toss in some old celery sticks that have been hanging around, a couple of bendy carrots, a piece of onion, some garlic and a shake of herbs. Sea salt. Cover. Simmer. Strain. Freeze in portions. And you know what's in it. There are also some relatively cheap commercial gluten free stocks available. have them as your basic item so that there is never a risk of a gluten mistake being made – make your life simpler!

10) Make your own gluten free cakes and biscuits from gluten free flour. Experiment with your current recipes and adapt them to using gluten free flour mix. Buy gluten free flour on special to reduce costs.


2 eggs
1 banana
1 pinch baking powder


1. Preheat a skillet.
2. Peel the banana and place in a bowl — mash well with a fork.
3. Add the eggs and baking powder mix well.
4. Grease the skillet with either butter, non-stick cooking spray, or coconut oil.
5. Ladle the batter into the skillet (about 2-3 tablespoons per pancake)
6. Cook till the underside is golden brown.
7. Flip the pancakes and do the same on the other side.
8. Transfer to a serving plate and repeat with remaining batter.
9. Serve immediately.

For more tips on how to be gluten free click here

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a zest lemon cake with a tangy lemon glaze & toasted almonds. Enough to satisfy anyone....

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Corn bread.... any additions you make & it will still be an easy comfort food

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Apple & cardamom flower cake... easy to make, gluten-free & delicious

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We make this recipe at least twice a week at home. 

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Perfect for your morning toast... sandwiches for a picnic... or covered in jam & brie

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Gluten-free wedding cakes, birthday cakes & baptism cakes can be ordered from here!

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If you're looking for somewhere safe to eat, I'd recommend this place. Whilst their menu is not entirely gluten-free, if you advise the wait staff of your allergies they will get the message to the chefs. Eaten there three times & all three times I've felt perfect afterwards.
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