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You can start Role Playing even if I don't accept/approve your profile

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Name: Night
Gender: female
Species: black panther
Age: 18-teenager
Home: Anywhere,except the ocean
Crush: open,in roleplay
Mate: open,crush first
kits: open,mate first


Is there anyone on here who wants to rp?

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please join this community 

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I am sorry that I am not on very much..... > . < I am still trying to update the rest of my communities....

Name:  Kovu
Nickname: Kove
Gender: Male
Species: African Lion
Age: 3
Home: Prairie 

do we have to have a picture of what our cats look like?

anyone on?

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(1st Profile)
Name: Sneeu
Age: 5 years (lion years)
Gender: Female
Species: White Lion
Home: Plains

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Black Panther
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