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Name: Princess Liveth Cassandra of Mirkwood
Age: 540 (quite young for an elf.)
Gender: Female
Race (what type of person you are in Middle Earth): Elf
Appearance: Blonde hair, wavy hair, brown eyes. Slender build. Very pretty.
Personality: Strong, curious, stubborn, smart, kind, funny.
Family: Lord Thrandiul is her father, her older brother is Legolas and a younger brother is a boy named Elrond. (Mind you not the Elrond)
Home: Mirkwood
Background: She's a normal princess, when Legolas reveals the kingdoms plans of marriage between Gondor and Mirkwood. Liveth doesn't want to marry Boromir, so Legolas offers to take her on the Quest to destroy the ring. She goes with him.
Skills: Bow and arrow fighting. Applying makeup. And making outifts out of scraps.
Likes: Archery, fashion, beauty, chasing her younger brother
Dislikes: Insults. Being forced to marry someone.
Relationship: She was betrothed to Boromir, but when he died, she took a liking to Faramir.
Other: She's very adventurous.

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Name: Princess Faeneth Rosalind Foster
Nickname: Fey
Age: 524, young for an elf
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Appearance: Red hair (hair can change colors) and greenish blueish eyes.  She is also of a slender build 
Personality: smart, skilled, daring, brave, kind, 
Family: Lady Galadriel and a Ranger.  Now she calls Lord Celeborn as her father.  She has a brother named Percy, and a sister named Lily. Aragorn is her sort of 'brother'.
Home: Lothlorien/Lorien
Background:  (update later)
Skills: using a bow and arrows, using a sword, tricking people
Likes/Dislikes: archery, adventures, being with friends, 
Relationship:  Legolas 

((I shall add more later))

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Race (what type of person you are in Middle Earth): 
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