Trying to get the Yale Mandybot running.
When I get to Hangout Robot page, nothing happens when I hit "reset robot" or "Enable."

I have a video link between the remote user and the Nexus, but the control link is not being established.

Where to go from here?

We are working to obtain permission from our network administrators to access the information/files that you have stored on  Currently the entire website is blocked by our filtering software.  I can request to have specific URL's to be cleared for access.  Please let me know the URL's that are being accessed at - thank you.

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I am closer to being setup and running.  My driver is able to manually control movements using the Mandy Commander app.  The latest versions of Chrome and Java Script have been installed.  We are able to start a Hangouts session.  The Java applet appears to be loading properly.  When the "Enable" button is pressed we either receive the message below or there is no response.  Any suggestions where to go from here?

We are having a variety of problems.  Some of them are related to the firewall.  One of the basic problems we are having is the generation of the TELE_CONFIG.txt file.  The file is being written but not to the Google Drive.  The Settings/Storage/Misc files area shows the file, but it is not shown on the Google Drive and it is not available to share with a driver.  Is there a setting that must be configured to write the file to the Google Drive?

I am one of two new telepresence robots at Whirlpool Corp.  I am being setup to run by David Oosterhouse.  We are having a couple of problems that I hope you can help us with.  When my tablet is plugged into the USB connector on my base my battery is not charging.  Also, we have downloaded the "Mandy Commander.apk" but we receive a "Can't open file" error when we try to install.  Your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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