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Rosters and Stuff~IMPORTANT
•Estercrest Upper Class•
~King William (46)~ +Killer Frost
~Queen Margaret (41)~ +Julia Perryman
•Prince Thomas (23)~ +Lapis Lazuli
•Prince Cedric (20)~ +Snape's Army
•Prince Robin (19)~
•Prince John (18)~+sunflower
•Prince Ronald (16)~ +Rainy Day
•Princess Liliana (15)~ +Alyson Bailey
•Princess Rosalie (15)~ +Lapis Lazuli

~Duke Edmund (41)~ +Snape's Army
~Duchess Eleanor (38)~+Miss Helena
.•Lady Helena (19)~ +Miss Helena
•Lady Beatrix (15)~ +Beatrice Granger

~Count Walter (49)~
~Countess Guinevere (43)~
•Lord Oliver (24)~
•Lady Adelaide (21)~ +Lizzy Homes
•Lady Juliana (17)~ +Rainy Day

~Baron Francis (40)~
~Baroness Winifred (34)~
•Lady Josselyn (15)~ +Idk I might be up to something
•Lord Arthur (13)~

~Witch Andromeda (21)~ +Sophie Medwick
~Witch Cassiopia (20)~ +Sarah Y
~Witch Luna (18)~ +Lapis Lazuli

~Silversnow Upper Class~
~King Cassius (44)~
~Queen Loreena (39)~ +Orange McTwisty McTwist
•Princess Emeline (21)~ +Lizzy Homes
•Prince Joseph (20)~ +Snape's Army
•Princess Atheena (17)~ +Alyson Bailey
•Princess Alice (16)~ +Lapis Lazuli
•Prince Gavin (14)~ +sunflower
•Prince Peter (11)~ +Rainy Day
•Princess Isabel (9)~ +Julia Perryman

~Duke Frederick (50)~
~Duchess Amelia (39)~
•Lord Tristain (22)~
•Lady Maria (13)~ +Sarah Y
•Lady Ophelia (11)~ +Miss Helena

~Count Benedict (47)~
~Countess Luanda (38)~
•Lady Cecilia (20)~ +Alyson Bailey
•Lord Geoffrey (19)~ +Killer Frost
•Lady Elizabeth (15)~ +Idk I might be up to something
•Lord Walter (15)~

~Baron Simon (49)~
~Baroness Kaylien (35)~
•Lady Seraphina (15)~ +Sophie Medwick
•Lord Tristan (10)~ +Lapis Lazuli
•Lady Ryia (6)~ +Beatrice Granger

~Wizard Cyrus (27)
~Witch~ Cira (23) +Orange McTwisty McTwist
~Wizard Helios (18)~ +Snape's Army

Upper Class {Royalty and Nobility}
{Witches and Wizards like in forests of Kingdoms}
{Nobility has Jobs such as tradesmen, merchants, and artisians}

Middle Class {Castle Workers and Nobility Servants}
in the middle of rich and poor
~Teacher for Upper Class

Lower Class {Pheasants}
•Butler {Put for who}
•Clothes Designer
•Cook {Put for who}
•Gardner {Put for who}
•Maid {Put for who}
•Teacher for middle and lower classes

Quick Note~Teenagers from 16-17 are getting apprenticed for whatever job they are going to do

School~ {4-15}
For Middle and Lower classes
4-6 year old have classes together
7-10 year olds have classes together
11-13 year old have classes together
14-15 year old have classes together

Alright I know its been awhile but who wanna rp?

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Name~Felicity Lark


Job~Teacher for the upperclass


Family~Ivy Lark, Melissa Lark, Raymond Lark

Relationship Status~Single

Face-Claim~Phillipa Soo

Likes~Teaching, her students, her friends and family, I'll add more later.

Personality~Felicity is very kind. She is also intelligent and cares a lot about her family.

Bio~Felicity Lark is the older sister of Ivy Lark and the daughter of Melissa and Raymond Lark. She grew up in the middle class and always wanted to be a teacher. When she was 16 she became a teachers apprentice and when she was 18 she became a teacher.

Other~She has good friends named Irene and Catalin.
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May I claim
Phillipa Soo
Jasmine Cephas Jones
Renée Elise Goldsberry

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Name~Irene Keaton


Job~Clothes designer


Family~Evelyn Keaton and Lanford Keaton

Relationship Status~Single

Face-Claim~Renée Elise Goldsberry

Personality~Irene is loyal and intelligent and she would do anything for her friends and family.

Bio~Irene is the daughter of Evelyn and Lanford Keaton. She was born in the kingdom of Estercrest and when she was 5 her family moved to Silversnow. When she was 10 her mother died. When she was 18 she became a clothes designer.
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Astoria silently entered the deserted village house, she carefully analyzed her surroundings. The small village house was supposed to be haunted, according to the residents. She wasn't sure if it were true or not so she came to prove either side of the theory. She carefully walked around the house kitchen, watching every step, continuing to analyze the well organized kitchen. Small sounds were coming from somewhere in the house, Astoria paused, breathing heavily she looked around her. She followed the sounds, though it probably wasn't a good idea. Either way she took the risk. The sound kept getting louder and louder as she walked. The sound led her to a small room. The door was completely closed and the sound kept rustling as fast as it could. Pretty scared, Astoria sighed. "W - Who's there?" Astoria said loudly and fastly. Of course, this was such such a dumb idea, if there was someone else here they wouldn't say so.
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Lady Juliana walks around the village. She had snuck out of her house so she wouldn't have to see her grandmother. She was not trying to be disrespectful to anyone it was just a that her grandmother always nagged her about marriage and she did not want to talk about marriage. She sighs then gasps as she runs into someone. Looking up at the person she smiles a bit. Hello George. She says happily.

You see Lady Helena of Estercrest in Silversnow village walking with and talking to Lucifer a member of the middle class.

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George Lee
Class~Lower Class
Job~Butler to Lady Juliana
Emily Lee and Themes Lee
<Relationship Status>
Face-Claim~Tom Felton
Hair~Dirty Blonde
George is very loyal to his family and who he serves. He is also quite intelligent.
George is an only child. He is the son of two peasants named Emily and Themes Lee. When he was 16 he became the butler of Lady Julian.
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Class~ Lower Class
Job~Maid to Queen Margret
Elisabeth and Anderson
<Relationship Status>
Face-Claim~Candice Patton
Hair~Dark Brown
Virginia is polite and loyal. She is also open minded, intelligent and hopeful things will get better for her.
Virginia is the daughter of two peasants named Elisabeth and Anderson. She is an only child and she became Queen Margaret's maid when she was 17.
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