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Hello everyone, welcome to the Kik/Chat Community!
(R e a d the Rules before P o s t i n g !!)

+Zion SlyBluAoba Azure Wolf 
+Salvation Arin Winstonsin 
+Lev Wíngs Of Deáth Seráph 
+The Azure Tyrant Melvin Wolf 

You can view them within the group, subject to change.

Recently we have had some serious complaints about the Kik Usernames Community and the amount of perverts and pedophiles floating around there. Absolutely NONE of that will be tolerated here and our Mods and Admins are active almost 24/7 so we will prevent that behavior. Let's bring back the desire for FINDING FRIENDS, not hitting on young girls and guys. Together, we can make this place great, so feel free to invite anyone you want and enjoy the setting.

RULES are as follows:
1. Adults, stay the fuck away from children. No exceptions. If you are seen commenting on a young female, you will be banned without reason.

2. NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT OR REVEALING IMAGES. PERIOD. You will be banned and reported, also without warning.

3. No videos, pervy gifs, or community posts, shares, ect. No reshares. This isn't the place for that, and takes the focus off of meeting new people. NO MEMES.

4. Have FUN, and be SAFE on and off of this community.

5. Do not post your Kik name if you are like age fucking 9 and have no idea what the fuck googleplus is. If you're found to be a young child, you will be banned for YOUR own protection. I don't care "how mature" you think you are. Anything can happen, and I won't be responsible for it. Same with the Hangouts section.

6. Everyone is welcome here, and you're welcome to ask people via the Discussion/Chat area to help with your English, learn other languages, and just talk to one another in this group. You DO NOT NEED to post your Kik name or Hangouts, if you just wish to chat here, that is fine. I have no issues with that either. Introduce yourself, find and make friends, and enjoy life. That's it.

Questions hit up the Mods/Admins. Thanks.~

-Christopher <3
(PS: Anyone is welcome to add myself and the other admins/mods if they would like to. That's totally okay.)

This drawing is not mine, credit to the artist.

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Bored so here's my face. Thought I'd say hi before I went in to work.

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If people keep posting begging for females you're going to get banned. That thirsty shit is super annoying. You know 99% of people who join groups are men so stop asking.

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Hey! I'm on Kik - my username is "puja1120"

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This kik is for thos that are on ps4 and have gta5. I kinda perfer if everyone was at least 17 and older. Please

New here username is rc_phillips17 plz no one under 18 thou 

Anyone want to talk with me on hangouts?
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