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[]Name[]: Nazare Inklor the 5th AKA Michael Lane


[]Sex[]: Male

[]Height[] 70 Inches

[]Weight[]: 30.8 Pounds

[]Age[]: 20

[]Personality[]:Azrael has went through years of training and torture he is the ultimate war machine and will take back Verae he will kill and eliminate everything in his path

[]Nationality[]: Order of St. Dumas

Swordarang:the sword is now able to be thrown and can pull any enemy towards me

The Order:he will go into a precise attack when then in the attack he will able to do a multi take down 

Grip: Can hang onto objects that allow him to swing from point 1 to point 2.-

Fire blades:he will conjure so much rage that he will turn into a demon reincarnation of himself and have fire hidden blades


[]Religion[] Vera Fidei

[]Quotes[]: "i can exceed everthing with any thing'


[]Weaponry[]:Sword of St. Dumas

Back when Azrael didnt have the hooded cape and stuff he was a officer and one day he was captured he did not know what was happening and then it happened he had a small chip inside his brain making him incapable of knowing what was his child hood where he was and why so he went on a quest to dicover himself so lets fast forward to when he got his suit and joined the Order of St. Dumas The End
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Name: Kain

Age: 19

Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 190

Race: Human

Magic User?: No

Weapons: Two Flintlock pistols

Skills: Engineering, Gunnery, and snuggling

Allegiance: If he had to choose... Candists

Bio: Kain is a criminal, born in Fidei lands, he quickly grew to hate the so-called True Faith. "Why should one suffer to ascend to this do called paradise when you can easily live a hundred years of pleasantries?" He once asked himself. He is faithless and extremely political, calling into question this religious 'utopia', which he frequently calls the Zealous Dystopia. He sells and transports untraceable weapons, and does so outside of the open market, completely bypassing the tax rates and the law itself. He sells everything from daggers to field guns, and makes a massive profit doing so.

Morals: Doesn't care if he doesn't trust you or like you, but he takes care of his friends.

Weaknesses: Distrusted by the other governments outside of Fidei.

Strengths: Vast amount of influence in the underworld

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[]Name[]: Albert Fonesvere Belizaire The 3rd

[]Alias[]: The Iron Pillbug or The Milquetoast

[]Sex[]: Male

[]Height[] 61.5 inches

[]Weight[]: 21.8 pounds

[]Age[]: 13

[]Personality[]: Pillbug suffers from depression and the anger of his past. He is known to be in often a state of burden and is easily annoyed by the smallest problems. He is never happy and seeks to find the ones who ruined his life....

[]Nationality[]: Splinter of Fidei

Mother's Cry: Emits a deafing scream from himself that can stun opponents and call others.

Father's Strength: Can carry objects 7x his size and can pack a devastating punch.

Grip: Can hang onto objects that allow him to swing from point 1 to point 2.-

Sister's Tantrum: He is thrown into rage and does twice as much damage.

[]Weakness[]: A object or reminder of his mother's. If triggered, he will stop and well up in tears. Leaving him vulnerable to damage.

[]Religion[] Vera Fidei

[]Quotes[]: "Mother? MOTHER!!!" "Where is she damnit?!?!"
"Kill! The! Imposter!!"

[]Magic?[]: None

[]Weaponry[]: Milquetoast uses his machine's fist to pummel & beat his foes.

Back when Albert didn't have the suit or large state of depression, Albert was born into riches and was a mischievous and disobeying child who hated his family and loved gold. He'd always make rumors and taunt the poorer children by taunting them with a delicious dish and then eating it in the process in front of them. He was always in trouble or was going to be by authorities by was instead, always free from bribing them with money. Then one day, Albert decided to venture into the woods and explore when he came across a confidential experiment set by the British ruler. The 2 scientest experimented with the military weapon known as the Hardback. The invention failed to comply without a human pilot and Albert was the only one around. Albert refused to get in the machine and was forcefully put in by the men. The machine latched on to Albert, never letting go and releasing. Albert was sent into the field of war and forced to fight. Albert was sent away from his family and forever forgotten. Now at the age of 13, Albert has forever vowed to gain his revenge on the royal blood for what they have done. Create a monster....

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Name: Urban Sectus

Age: 31

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 12 stone 4

Appearance: He is of a slender build, his face worn (Despite him acting childish). He has long white hair that goes down to his shoulder blades, and a rune cut into his cheek

Race: Human

Magic user?: Yes

Weapons (only if not magic): N/A

Skills: Endurance and quick, on the spot casting

Allegiance: Verae Fidei

Bio: Born into a family of very strong believers, Urban was exposed to a large amount of the Fidei, which I guess you could say indoctrinated him. He started to hone his magic at age 15 and started actively using it as a weapon at 21, which was also when he joined the Verae Fidei army. He quickly rose in the ranks before getting the pleasure of joining The Grand Cleric Darius' bodyguard

Morals: Will kill no innocent

Weaknesses (you need at least one): Prone to being soft hearted when fighting

Strengths (Don't be OP): Prolific magician

Why your character fights (Only if not in bio): For the glory of the Fidei 

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OC template))

Name: my name is mizukiro otakiru

Age: im 21


Weight: 133lb

Race: im human

Magic user?: no im not a fan of using magic

Weapons (only if not magic): well i got a giant two-handed hammer and a small dagger

Skills: im quick and im pretty strong

Allegiance: the candists

Bio: i was mechanic and blacksmith i left my home

Morals: i dont have any

Weaknesses (you need at least one): i have incredible hearing so something could be not that loud for you but for me its tripled

Strengths (Don't be OP): i have incredible hearing

Why your character fights (Only if not in bio):i fight for what i think is right
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Name: Abel Baladis

Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 12 stone 3

Race: Northern Candist region

Magic user?: Unfortunatly not

Weapons (only if not magic): He wields a black flintlock pistol with runes scrawled down the side and a cutlass

Skills: Fast paced run and gunning

Allegiance: Candist

Bio: Originally part of the Verae Fidei (Like most of the Candist's) he turned from them, deciding that no God was enough to suffer for. He would much rather be happy than serve a God who might not even hurt them

Morals: No one is safe

Weaknesses: Can't take many hits before dying. But try hitting him. I dare you

Strengths: Very, very fast

Why your character fights: To prove the hypocrisy of the Verae Fidei

This is ultimately a steam punk style world. Cogs, steam and all things brass. Because of this, weapons are limited. All swords are allowed, pistols are flintlocks, shotguns are blunderbuss, machine guns are crank guns (Use a crank to fire, the faster you spin the faster it fires), snipers are bolt action single bullet clips
Magic is also a thing, but it is limited to elemental use. This can be used to slow bullets, although they cannot be stopped completely and they will only be slowed enough to give you a chance to dodge. If you are a magician you cannot use a gun as you need your hands free to cast.


(Mods can RP as, in storylines)

Name: Cain Felacor

Age: 129

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 15 stone

Race: Demon

Magic user?: Yes

Weapons (only if not magic): N/A

Skills: Prolific magic user

Allegiance: Verae Fidei

Bio: Cain is the Grand Cleric's personal bodyguard, doing the Cleric's orders to the letter. Cain has had his legs cut off in his way of suffering. They have been replaced with mechanical legs which work just like normal legs. As well as this he has scars all over his body symbolising the suffering he has gone through

Morals: Kill all who oppose the Verae Deus

Weaknesses (you need at least one): His narrow mindedness leads him to make brash choices in the face of battle

Strengths (Don't be OP): Able to take many hits before going down, but is not fast enough to dodge or anything like that

The leader of the Verae Fidei is Grand Cleric Darius. He has taken suffering to a whole new level. He has scarred the whole of the Verae Fidei holy book on his body and has gouged his own eyes out. He is not a man to be messed with. He is the only magician who is able to use a weapon as well, which is possible after he was touched by the Deus (May be RP'd by owner only) 
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