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Why you want the job: (Optional)
A little about yourself: (Bio)
Other: (Anything else we should know about your character)
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Traveling with anyone?:
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If there are any questions about profiles don't hesitate to ask.

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Sitting in front of the desk that resided in the ship's doctors office. Without any patients to worry about at the moment, she goes over files and filling out paperwork. I hate paperwork. And I'm not aloud to drink in case a patient pops in~ She whines as she continues to work on the most boring part of her job

Message from the captain:

Please report any suspious activity to security personnel immediately.

Sorry for the daily, passengers. The ship has been experiencing some minor technical problems but is expected to run smoothly in the near future. Apologies for any inconveniences

Walking around the deck, the ship doctor takes this time to make another mental map of the ship. Already going through the dining hall, boiler room, and passenger amusement areas, she now focuses on making it through the deck without having to stop and fix up one of the ships many 'idiots' how get hurt or passengers that get sick. Wheather or not her prayers would be answered in questionable and as she ponders the odds she pumps in someone who happen to also be on the deck Sorry 'bout that

There has been a strange new passenger seen wandering the ship. He is believed to be a stowaway. He has been described as short with an athletic build and was last seen wearing a ski-mask and a prison jumpsuit. We believe he may be dangerous. The security teams have been notified. We advise all passengers to be on extra alert as we resolve the situation. Please contact crew immediately if you see this man and do not approach him. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience

Passenger profile:

Name: ((No one on board know his name yet but it Mike Ruthstow))
Age: looks to be around 35
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short muscular/athletic build . Last seen wearing a ski mask and a prison uniform
Traveling with anyone?: nope, he a stoway
Reason for voyage: Running from the law
Personality: Hot tempered, Quick thinking, and unkind
Bio: It has not been revealed yet

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+Arceus Darkwing​ let's swim
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Name raven Roth
Age 11
Here to have

+Arceus Darkwing​ come on
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