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Could I possibly get a rating for Red based off appearance?
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Rate my oc pls! Her name is Panda Dash!

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I have to say that I'm not going to rate OCs of random peoples any more as well as I'm not going to give my OC for others to rate. Sorry I won't be going in deep into potick but it's alread long so in short reson to all of this is I don't find any sense in it. I would like to treat OCs like another field of art, what means thinking of them and judge them in same categories, what means I would compare your OC to all other artists and rate onlye creativity and meaning. Rating will have to include quality of art since it's artistic explosion too, some professional artists choose to draw crappie and spend houers to make "crappie drawing" to look "right". Example here can be "Lego Movie", by use of simple animation technic says "peoples this days pay to muche attention to quality of animation and how muche they enjoy whole movie when they should focus on message". This leads to another thing, many of you would dis agree with me and it's good. Understanding of art depends on viewer, what make one art work better then another is how muche affect is have on how many viewers. Maybe ther are rules in art but one of them is "every rule can be broken and it's form of artistic explosion". Ther for SOME OC you rate as 8-10/10 I find out as bad one since they are made without artistic message. They are what rules force them to be not way for artist to express herself. For the same reson &SOME* OC you rate as 0-1/10 are really good, because they do good job of representing what artist feel and think.

This are mane resons for me to stop rating OCs of peoples I don't know good enough, I can still give some tips or tell why OC get bad rates. (I know how to repeatedly make 8/10 OCs or better but non of this will have meaning for me and if I try to make money/fame out of that I would reach artists block really soon). If you want deeper discussion about this go ahead and comments this post but befour you do it, think what is truth name of Art to you

Now time for less important reasons. First of all, many bronies/pegasisters can't take critic, I'm sick on peoples hating me simply because I give bad rates. Second, what you call good OC start from something about 7.5/10 when average should be 5/10 and 5/10 should be rate for OC wich is perfectly fine but don't have anything special. 

I know ther are some explosions but this is how I see big part of OC rating community and ther are explosions to everything.

*I also I don't want you to stop rating, it's a lot of fun (if proper peoples are doing it) but it's no longer my thing

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I get some idea what to add to my OC, pleas rate it,
is it:
original or not
ridiculous or not?
good or bad?

He lives house he made out of glowing mushroom which he got on special request from pony called Desert Dash whose talent is delivery

all info

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rates pleas

warning if you are easily offended but work "sex" or sensitive to it don't read this about her

Full Name - UltraViolet Beam
Name - UltraViolet
Nick Name - UltraV / UV / V
Age - 21
Race - unicornjob - work with lights on concerts and parties
gander - mare
job - work with lights on concerts and parties
personality - UV is kind of pony who act differently depends on mood. There are days she that she would rape first thing she find looking kind of sexy but there are days when asking her for sex only thing you get more then insult or punch but most likely both. When she is in good mood she always joke about have sex or make other kind of sexist joke. She have a lot of friends but she really care only for those who know how to stop her from doing silly thing. (most of them are females) When she is sitting up lights for party she like to have good friend with herself so she will work instead of playing around. She never act insecure and if every unlike to see her blushing. She like parties a lot, mostly when she can drink on it. She have difficulties to admit that she regret something or that she is infertile.
bio - Her parents never cared about her too much, she always was free to do anything as long as she dont get herself hurt. She used that freedom to hang out with friends. She was one of first in her class to get her Cutie Mark. She always like ted colorful thing, she loved playing with painted glass, drawing, painting and anything that have a lot colors. Many pony told her that she have great sense of colors. Most of them thought that she will become painter or something similar, but she have habit of not following the lines. In face she never cared how it look, she just wanted to see colors. One day there was disco in her school. She was fascinated but light effect. She walked to pony who was in charge of it and it turn out there he isn't really into lights, his Cutie Mark stand for being good with electricity in general. UV had noprobleas to talk him to let her control lights. He just explained to her what buttons do and left her free to do whatever she wants, he knowed rumors about her. At first she wasn't doing too well, all this new buttons looked difficult and unfriendly but soon she learn how to control lights. After she figure out how console work like she made pary really great. She said that was it was best thing she ever done. She spend next few moths learning how to set up lights effects so she was able to do it on her own on next scholl disco. She get her Cutie Mark a bit before whole thing started. Exactly after first successful test, when she how whole room light up by work of her hooves she felled like this is thing she want to do four rest of her live and her flank agreed. At the time she was very good girl but then things started to change. She had some problems with her seasons and she went to gynecologist only to find out that she is infertile. It was for her meaning less for next few years. Then she start to be looking after stallions and oddly enough mare too. She was upset how all males think only about sex, she wanted it to be something meaningful but none of them gives her what she wanted. She decided to talk about it with her draet friends Morning. I turn out that Morning was lesbian. I was shock to UV she never thought being into females may be ok. Do to they close relationship UV feel like loosing her virginity with Mooring is just what she wanted. Sadly Mooring turn out to be kind of pony who do it with anypony. soon it become not only Mooring and UV but whole house. UV like it at first but then, she was feeling bad for all her habits. She trun to her old friends to help her out. Some on then find the way to stop her from seeing everypony and everything around. this was what She wanted sadly her  friends aren't able to keep her under control.

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Name: Miro
Sir Name: Knez
Gender: male
Age: 22
Sexuality: stragight
Race: gcatel
Bio: he save up money buy two black one handed swords to serve him as a weapon and run off his home

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Rates pls
I feel like making art about my OC, but I have no idea what to do

Full Name: Enchanted Swirl
Name: Swirl
Talent: runes magick
Age: 18
Race: Unicorm
personality: Swirl is kind of pony who don't take any issue too serious. Many pony think he is mad but he don't care too much. Sometime he ever call himself mad but when he do it's hard to tell if he's serious or telling a joke. One of things he like most if to find out something new, something now pony cover in any book or to prove posible something other ponies consider imposible. Thing he hate most is when somepony tell him to change way he live. He don't like following istrouns nider. He is happiest when he can do something his own way. He do have few friends but he don't talk with them too much unless they are doing some search together. But there are day when he's just not feeling like using his brain. when he go hang out with friends.
Gander: stallion
Sexuality: straight
When Swirl was in magic school he had difficulties learning new spells. I always took him very long time before he learned one and even after it he learned one his power was weak. He was hardly passing tests. One day he was reading about alternative magic he was hoping to find something to help him pass next test. He did find out about runes magic. The successful use it on test but sometimes it was easier to just use causal sell he already knows. Over time he was using traditional magic less and less. Finally day has come, final exams. He bet teacher then he can pass whole test only with runes magic. He did pass it. He felt insane, it make me believe that run magic can do anything. He said directly into teacher, who question that he can pass exam this way, "in your face". Teacher didn't mind and repost was just simply "now look at your flank." I make Swirl even more happy, after all he was last one to get this Cutie Mark. He end up doing a lot of research with some grant from different sources. He was feeling good with his life except being dependent from others. Solution wasn't easy to find. He wrote few book about runes magic but they wasn't selling too good. He end up give private lessons, it wasn't best thing is his life but at least fillies didn't questioned him mane.
what is runes magic:
Runes are magical marks unicorm can set up by their magic. Runes aren't really objects, they don't have mass and can interact with environment only in way coded inside them. Runs aren't permanent, in face most of them are single use. base on every one rune is point 0. Whole rune is made around this point. There is also spell to active run. Creating every rune star from setting my point 0 and end my activating spell. After rune is set it can't be edited unless somepony use deactivating spell.
why it's not OP:
Making run need power similar to making same thing with regular magic.

(some of art is mine and some is made by +Stickerz the alien pony  and some it mix)
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What do ya think? The name is bubbles. :}

I didn't even realize I joined this community XD
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