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This is a special message for my Moderators so unless you are Evan Gremlich, Wyatt Bushman, RVMontecello or Kerrin Mountcastle you don't have to read this unless you want to :)

So hello all moderators! How's it going? Right now I am going to you some instructions on how to moderate a community! If you have already been a moderator in another community please still read this because I am going to tell you how I want this community ran (p.s. sorry if I sound a little bossy I just want the best for this community :). Ok first thing's first!

Moderators and Owners alike try to keep the community in tact! That means filtering out Spam and Junk Post's. If there is someone who posts something Spam like such as: Chain mail, Share this or you will die, etc... etc... etc, please tell them (nicely) in the comments to not post anything like that again. If they continue to post things like that, then you can ban/ remove them from the community. Also I want to keep this a Bully Free community so if you see someone who is bullying someone else please ban them from the community.

Moderators can approve people to join this community. You will receive a notification that says: so and so wants to join Piano Guys and Music Fans! Before you accept them into the community please do a quick "background check" to make sure they are not going to be trouble makers :) Basically it's up to you weather or not you think they should be able to join the community.

Overall we want this to stay a nice, clean community!

Here are the Rules of this community. If you feel like someone is violating these rules do what you think to be right!

1. No bullying or hate speech
2. No spam or Chain mail
3. No inappropriate post's
4. This is a community for all people who love piano guys and music!
5. Have fun!!!
6. I would be appreciated if all post's were in English! Thank you!

Alright that's pretty much all you need to know! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or email me at Thanks!

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y like si te gusta!!!
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me encantaaaaa
no me gusta

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Mi perrita hermosa la amo

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"Claudia's Day", from the album Influences.
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