The challenges I have seen with integrating programming  is the amount of seat  time given to students to learn programming is limited. The students I taught attended class every other day  for nine weeks. This is just not enough time for a student to fully grasp the programming. 

By Gloria Clemons
I chose to write about Facebook. Facebook was founded in 2004. It’s mission is to give people power to share and make the world more connected. Through a simple Facebook Page one can inspire, support and discover different aspects of the world. Facebook has been the number one social media site for adults and its popularity is still increasing. 
Looking for friends? Facebook is the place to go.  Over the years, Facebook is responsible for reuniting classmates, friends and families. I read a story of an adopted lady in search of her biological mother. She posted a plea on Facebook and within a couple of weeks, she found her mother.  Not  only lost relative are found, but people are using Facebook to also help find lost pets. One local news anchor lost his dog an immediate posted a picture and plea on Facebook. The dog was found and returned a day later. 
Got a cause? Facebook is also a great tool for charitable organizations. I remember the “ Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS. This started on Facebook and challenged individuals and celebrities to raise awareness and money for ALS by dumping a cold bucket of ice over their heads. As a result of this effort the charity raised more than a million dollars. This shows the power of social media and Facebook.
Need a smile? Facebook  is also an entertainment resource. Many people are using  Facebook  to promote videos. Some include music, inspirational messages or just humorous vides which have gone viral. At any rate, the use of Facebook has given many individual their fifteen minutes of fame.  One comedian used Facebook to show videos of her doing crazy thing, like eating hot peppers.  As a result of her videos, she was invited to the White House, to interview the president of the United States. 
Own a business? Advertising on Facebook can be very profitable. There are over a billion people on Facebook.  It is cheaper and more beneficial to advertise on social media sites like Facebook . This allows the business to very easily reach consumers.

These activities address  items in standard MSBCSII-10 which states      "the  student will demonstrate an understanding of ethics and potential dangers related to the use of the Internet. " Theses activities are excellent resources for this standard. 

I teach programming using Scratch. The students uses brainstorming, problem solving and  critical thinking skills when programming. Since these skill are an important part of academics, programming is very beneficial.

I will say that I utilized many of the resources in my Cybersecurity unit. I had students complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge, Anti Phishing Phil Game. and Security Modules. We checked our passwords using the 3 tools provided in the PowerPoint. We also viewed the Web Cam Hacking video and had a discussion about it. 

I also find the Kid Cursor would be an easy (for High Schoolers) tool, but it has quizzes throughout so that students can check for understanding. It would be fun and quick introduction.

The Cyber Awareness Challenge, although time consuming, was beneficial for my students. At times, they would laugh over some of the graphics, but I would say that it truly was eye opening for some of them. They joked that they thought they were training for the CIA. When I completed the Cyber Challenge, I also found it eye opening, but it did take a while to complete.

Although I missed this session, I did receive and research Makey Makey. I plan to purchase a class set soon (already have approval). I find that it could be used in both IDT and CSP, as well as, shared with STEM and my Engineering course. I especially liked the Musical Instruments and the game remote controls. I think my students would have a blast while still learning programming.

Although I do have a clearer understanding of abstraction and decomposition, I still get a little confused. I feel that a good tool would be to show the video clip from an animated movie that shows the stages of abstraction. I would also need to share real world examples such as maps. Decomposition is "breaking down" so maybe the connection is that abstraction and decomposition both require us to break down information.

I chose to write about Twitter. This tool as with many other companies has a sordid past. It initially was created as part of the corporation ODEO, but after some time, the Twitter investors decided to buy back the company and with no surprise not include all the initial key players. Jack Dorsey was the innovator along with a team of Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.When the buyback occurred Noah Glass, the software developer, was not included. 
You might ask why only 140 characters? Well, initially Twitter was created for SMS messaging, and that was the limit. I personally find that limiting the characters allows for a more pleasurable experience. It limits people from writing a "book." 
Twitter encouraged a variety of innovations since its fruition. New jargon was created by users. Then came @ symbols for shout-outs which led to # hashtags. Then, retweets for messages that were especially astounding and worth sharing again.
It is safe to say that Twitter is still going strong in business and personal lives. It has grown to over 200 million users in a 6 year span. 
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