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Jessica Miller is a sweet high school girl who loves helping others. She cherishes her hometown, Stone Falls, and enjoys volunteering at her church. Some call the small city quiet and even boring at times, but Jessica likes it that way… at least until a series of unexpected deaths plagued the fragile peace...

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Have you met the Eternals yet? Read Out of Darkness today!
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Enter the clearing and your life will change forever…
Seventeen-year-old Lizette Weatherly’s life is about to change forever.
Lizette is a girl who really can’t catch a break. Her parents are overprotective of her and her peers are afraid of her.
Two centuries ago Lizette's ancestor Jacob and his family disappeared without a trace. All that were found were bloody clothes and mysterious symbols etched into the ground in a clearing near their old house.
Lizette’s family have been ostracized by the people in the nearby city of Marquette, Michigan ever since. Lizette spends most of her time alone with her old set of tarot cards in her house back in the woods where the sun never shines; until one night when she wanders off into the woods and stumbles upon a group of hooded figures standing around a bonfire.
Lizette soon learns that everything she knew is a lie. She and her family are really descended from a long line of creatures called Eternals, possessing paranormal powers, and she may be the most powerful Eternal alive. For the first time in her life, Lizette has friends and potentially a boyfriend in shifter Thierry. But Bryan, the leader of her generation of the Eternals, is power hungry and he will do anything to absorb Lizette’s power.
A battle is brewing and Lizette will have to join together with the other Eternals to overpower Bryan. But when a mysterious prophecy is revealed and her fate becomes entwined with shy, brooding, secretive Luke, Lizette begins to question: who can she really trust and who really has her heart? What will happen when it’s time to step out of the darkness?

Hi! I'm Debby and I just signed my first book contract. Here's my publisher's announcement and interview.

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I thought I'd share a nice "indie success story" in the YA genre… I've been hearing time and again that the golden age of self-publishing is gone, but examples like this prove the contrary.

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I vlogged about creating character voice!

I have just published my second science fiction novel. While I write for adults, I find many of my readers are in the YA category. While there is Star Wars-style violence and an occasional colorful metaphor (NEVER any F-bombs), there is no sex or even any sexual references. and I am wondering if it wouldn't hurt to target the YA audience more. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to do this? 

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Interesting insights from a former S&S editor on writing into trends for YA:

"It can be difficult to avoid the temptation of choosing your subject matter based on the latest Publisher’s Marketplace deal that just sold at auction for a “major deal.” But the truth is, trends in YA are fickle. By the time you get around to shopping your novel, the trend may have already passed. The surefire way to ensure that an agent, editor, or reader will fall madly in love with your book is to write about something that lights you on fire."

Do you try to write into trends or do you not pay attention to them at all?
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