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Feel free to post anything you would like! Free beer and free food! Let's party!

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announcement on September 1st Mine Minecrafters build team will get to work on this bar

Closure of bar - Thursday, 17 August 2017

It has nearly been 4 months since this bar opened. However, due to the Low amount of customers in the bar and the lack of importance, I will be closing the bar down.

Kai's Fighting Center will continue to operate. However, if he wants to close down, we are sorry.

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Hello peeps

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I'm back

+TheStudentLocal Randomizer22​ can I be a moderator? This community would be better with a future leader of a brawl set to be yours once I make it

A Rootbeer Float

walks into bar AARGH!

Guys do ya think i should draw a pic of the tavern? With the hotel on second floor :))
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