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Feel free to post anything you would like! Free beer and free food! Let's party!

btw pls pin this post


+TheStudentLocal Randomizer22​ will we ever see yara again?

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Behold! The biggest burger yet! 55cm tall at minimum and 80cm tall at maximum. Contains of 13 chicken/fish patties (choose your choice) and 6 bread separation as seen in the Big Mac, 9 cheese layers.

Try it now!

walks in the bar dude I'm worried about yara


+TheStudentLocal Randomizer22​ Randomizer! Man damn, RANDOMIZER!

+TheStudentLocal Randomizer22​ i don't think shes interested in me dude

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New item on the menu: RD22's Burg-Special!

Probably the weirdest shaped burger but what the hell.
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