Excuse me, I'm looking for one butler and one maid to work for me.

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Uhhhh hi I'm Meyrin!!!!
I'm a female....
Do I have to tell my age?.....
I'm a servant but I want to be better!!!
My master is a 13 yr old boy.....
OH by the way , I serve the Phantomhive manor , yes

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Name : Alucard
Age : 200
Gender : male
Sexuality : Gay
Species : Vampire
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"Hi um well um im here to learn to be a maid so i can please my master\mistress thank you for having me please treat me well" bows

Name: Sara jackson
Age: 19 (yeah she was born with this thing that wont let her grown any taller)
Likes: sweets, BUNNIES!!!!!, basically anything cute and pink
Hair: dark pink
Eyes: hot pink
Height: 4' 0"
Weight: a woman never tells and a gentleman never asks!
Species: half angle half demon
Personality: lolita shota

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Hello bows my name is kitty. You may call me anything you want. I'm 18. I'm half neo and half demon, I know it may seem scary but I mean no harm to my fellow students. I may act strange sometimes.

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Hello there, my name is Okaru Chyarimazi, but my friends call me Ruma and my best friend, Chiro calls me Ruru. I am a 18 years old boy and I just finished my training in becoming a true butler. Before, I've been to kindergarden, elementary and middle school to get my regular studies. Right now, I study philosophy and my favourite things to do besides serving and thinking deeply is reading books. One of my favourite philosopher of enlightenment is the humanist Erasmus, the psychologist Sigmond Freud and my favourite philosopher writers are Eramus and Franz Kafka. I wear glasses for a very special reason that I own a special ability, named clairvoyance. Without glasses, I can see ghosts and other paranormal spirits so because of that, I put the glasses on to mask the ability and to make myself feel better as well. I've had this ability from since I was only a child of an age of 5. I started seeing my dead uncle and people called me crazy. later on, I started seeing a lot more things and I was too terrified to tell my parents or friends. I did tell my teacher and she wouldn't believe me.

I do not like people who aren't sincere or honest. My other dislikes are reptiles, bats and untidiness. I have some sort of autism or an OCD as they call it so everything has to be classified and clean. That's one reason I was chosen to become a good butler. My eye colour is bright blue to blue grey. My hair colour is pure blonde, my skin colour is pale. My current occupation is under maintenance. I still need to wait on the acceptance for becoming a true butler. My favourite accessories to wear is a bow tie.

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"H-hello!" She bows hastily. "M-My name is Violet! I hope I can be of assistance!"
"I-I am 15 years of age!"
"I'm a female!"
"Umm..... I'm a demon.... but I hardly ever hurt people!"
"I like pleasing my master!"
"I dislike my master being mad at me!"
"I grew up alone. I was an outcast because I was a demon. I decided to become a maid after I met a young man named Markus so I could see him again someday and be kind to him. He saved my life! I want to return the favor."

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"My name is Markus. Markus Lance."
"I am 17 years of age."
"I'm obviously a male."
"Human, what else would I be?
"I dunno. I guess I like.... the color black."
"I haven't really decided that I dislike things."
"I grew up on a farm. My parents died in a small fire. I lived on the streets, begging for food. One day, I saved a young lady from being hit by a car. She dissapeared soon after, and I haven't seen her since."

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Olivia Gorgon




Human with benefits

~Getting things done
~Video Games
~Hard Workers

~Getting things wrong/not understanding things
~People that don't do what they're told
~Overly loud things

~Enhanced senses

~kind on the inside
~Emotionless when not mischievous


~Somewhat even skin
~long, straight hair with bangs that cover the right side of her face
~Turquoise hair
~pale pink eyes with a mix of orange
~Thin turquoise eyebrows
~Small, slightly pointed nose
~Well built


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