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Name: Alisa Farrah Concord

Age: 16 (still in initiation)

Faction: Candor

Birth faction: Amity

Looks: blonde hair often wore in a bun, brown eyes, sun tanned skin. Wears two necklaces all the time: one with the Amity symbol, one with Candor

Personality: slightly nosy, happy, strives toward honesty, doesn't like the insensitive nature of her new faction

Likes: friends, truth, fun, a calm life, people who believe her

Dislikes: her new faction's insensitive nature, being called "weak" or 'concealing who she is" by striving for peace and honesty equally, homophobia, jerks

Job goal: she strives to become faction representative and change her faction around so it's more peaceful and less "truth even if it hurts"

Talents: convincing people to do things, seeing the lighter road, getting the truth out of people

Bliss and Trixie Concord: Amity mothers (she and her brothers were adopted by a lesbian couple)
Adam Concord: Amity brother, age 10
Alfred Concord: Candor brother, age 19

Bio: She was factionless for the first two and a half years of her life, with her older brother. Their birth parents were factionless, and they died of a disease that wiped out their whole group of about 20 factionless living in an old warehouse. They were abandoned there, the only two who had lived due to exploring around the area, because they liked watching the Amity orchard. They got lost when exploring and found themselves near the Amity compound. There they lived for a  week off the apples, they threw pine cones at the trees until the apples fell. Their mothers were then working in the orchard, harvesting the apples when they found the two kids. Feeling pity for them, the couple adopted them and they lived a peaceful farming life. Alisa and Alfred still had their love of exploring, and would have gotten in a lot of trouble if they were in another faction, but they got away with it due to the Amity peacefulness. When she was seven, her moms then adopted another factionless found using the compound as a safe house, and nothing much changed after that. Two years after, she was separated from her brother when he chose Candor. She was upset for days, when she got her necklaces. One had the Amity tree because it was her faction, and one had the Candor scales as a symbol of her brother. She soon became interested in the Candor ways, and after three years of thinking about her faction, she chose Candor. She now strives to teach her new faction that they can be honest and peaceful at the same time.
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Alisa sits in the Merciless Mart, braiding a few locks of her bangs out of habit ((open to first comment))


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•    Full Name: Derico Jones
•    Nickname: N/A

•    Age: 17
•    Birthday: April 3

•    Gender: Male
•    Sexuality:  Heterosexual
•    Relationship Status: Single

•    Ethnicity: African American

Appearance: See attached picture.
•    Hair Colour: Black
•    Hair Type: Short dreads that sit on my shoulders
•    Eye Colour: Black, but light brown in the sun.
•    Skin Tone: light brown
•    Height: 6"
•    Weight: 185 lbs
•    Build: slim body from minor morning jogs.
•    Clothing Choice:  Black and White.

Combat Information:
•    Skills: great at technology. Knows history in and out. Knows each factions strengths and weaknesses.

•    Likes: The Truth, Selfless people, Brave people
•    Dislikes: ignorance, laziness, weak people
•    Personality Overview: Derico knows he's an outsider in the faction system. He knows that he doesn't belong in any faction.

•    Birth Faction: Candor
•    Current Faction: Candor
•    Aptitude Test Result: Candor, Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless

•    Relatives/Friends: raised by his father. Mother killed from found breaking the faction laws. His brother is showing that he isn't cut out for Candor either.
•    Residence: lives in merciless mart on the 3 floor
•    Blood Type: 0 Negative
•    Pets/Mounts: A gray pitbull.


Derico walks the perimeter of merciless mart thinking

Elizabeth is sitting in an empty room lined with bookshelves with long tables in the middle, with six different books open in front of her and a few various maps, trying to make sense of something you don't understand, flicking her eyes between books and maps ((open to first comment))

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Insurgent is coming out soon!

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My 7 year old brother, reading Divergent... I am so proud!

Hey guys! I love this community and all, but just one thing: I think the community is dying...are there any suggestions on what we should do?
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