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This will be happening at BFS practice on Wednesdays. Please come join us if you are interested.
Starting next Wednesday, 2 Knights and a Huscarl, all broken, would like to start basic armored combat training for any who would like to develop a good foundation for fighting. It'll be mostly out of armor type training; how to hold a sword; how to move; basically how to throw a shot (cup and saucer type stuff); and a big emphasis on slow work (not warm-ups, think more like Tai Chi). Eventually, how to do pell work and for those who need it, a path to armored sparring.

This is not a one time thing, or a few weeks. Ariel, Logan, and I are going to commit to having someone there for as long as we have interested students. I'll probably even keep coming and working on my own slow work after interest has waned (and in case we get new fighters and such). I'd also like this to be a class like setting, not a few minutes before we go get into armor.

Any questions, please let me know.

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The new Google Maps photo of the Lilies site was taken while we were there!

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I saw this on a friend's feed. Perhaps this would be useful to deploy at Horse and Falcon for effectiveness at Lilies? That might be too late though...

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Calontir's Patent Pending Pellicans

Congratulations to all of them.

Left: Her Grace Catalina de Arazuri
Center: His Excellency Duncan Fearmac MacLeod
Right: Her Ladyship Miranda Logansdottir

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Good Evening Everyone!
This is just a reminder that there is a Lilies War Committee Meeting at Clothiers’ Seminar this weekend. We have the meeting room from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

I’d like to cover the following items:
Dates of Lilies War
Site Fees
Possible Reduced End of the Week Rate.
Ways to raise attendance at the War

As always all are welcome to the meeting. And if you can’t attend you are always welcome to email me with your comments, questions, and idea at

I look forward to seeing you all there!
Rebecca - Lilies Chair

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Coronation Postponed

Due to the likely ice storm, in order to keep the populace safe Their Majesties and Their Highnesses have decided to postpone Coronation to next weekend, January the 21st. It will be at the same site, with the same schedule. We hope this does not cause too many conflicts with plans on the new date, but the safety of the people in our kingdom is the top priority.

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Good Afternoon!

Here's some additional information about Saturday's Lilies Committee Meeting.

We are starting at 2:00 pm. The exact location will is TBD, please keep a listen out for an announcement tomorrow.

We have a limited amount of time and many important things to discuss.

I'd like to start the meeting out with a review of the financials. Our current balance, a summary of the expenditures for Lilies 30, etc.

Then I'd like to move on to ideas, questions, and comments on how to reduce the War's expenses.

If there is time we can move on to suggestions for improvements.

Please remember if we don't get the opportunity to hear your ideas, suggestions, or comments at this meeting we will be having an another one at Clothiers' Seminar in a few weeks.

And you can always send me an email at or reach out to any of the committee members. A list of members can be found at:

Please share this information with any appropriate group or list.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
Lilies Committee Chair

Russell had his surgery on Thursday. His is home and would welcome visitors for short visits. Feel free to message for our new address. He is going to attempt to attend Cattle Raids for evening court and feast.

The appeal of the appeal, yadda yadda, of the bogus appraisal has ended with a new appraisal company and a new appraisal coming in at $120k vs the $116k the original appraiser presented. Now, it's a rush to try to close before the end of the month; apparently that will be a crap shoot. So, the realtor is going to negotiate getting us into the house before closing.

I've not posted in a while; sorry.


Greetings to everyone, especially the new folks in here, and welcome to our corner of the Plus!
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