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Watch out!
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I have two avatars I need to fix.
Avatars I think I should improve:
1. Makayla Wong. - The avatar I made for her, I did a good job on it, but I had to got her hair look wrong, I think I might need to because people might have comments about why I made her hair wrong, but not mean comments, just serious comments. It was good at first, until I started getting disappointed on how I got her hair, but I got the hair color right, but not the hair look.

2. +NathanDesignerBoy7. - He told me a serious comment that I should fix h hair because he said that the hair look I had did not look like what it was back in 2014. +NathanDesignerBoy7. I will fix your hair, I am sorry.

Any avatars that are incorrect? If they are, let me know in this post guys.


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