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Having issues? Here's how you can resolve common errors and get help:

Can't Find your Android
Here are common solutions for why Vysor may not be able to find your Android:

Black Screen
Here are common solutions to fixing the black screen issues:

Billing and Licensing

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Short description of your issue
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Graphics driver version and date
Android device model
Android operating system version
Vysor version
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Reload Vysor
Then use Vysor so it breaks, do not close any windows.
Then grab the Vysor logs as follows:
From the Vysor device list, press the Bug Report button in the bottom bar.
Wait for it to create a bug report.
Copy the bug report link.
Provide the link when creating your post in this forum.
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Is Vysor compatible with the BLU Life One X2? It doesn't recognize it. I have tried following the instructions, including the ones listed in the common errors page.

Need help cancelling my subscription from an account that I no longer have email access to (It is a previous employee email for an employer I no longer work for). If someone from the Vysor team could email me, that'd be awesome.


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I have a rather strange question.
Vysor has always worked perfectly.
Now I have a new device, Gemini Ulefone, and when I connect it the image is always shown face down.

I tried different configurations, but without success.

Vysor pro user.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you very much and greetings.

Hi. Just bought the pro version.
I'm trying the streaming feature and everything is working fine on localhostç
When I try to see the stream from a remote host:
it doesn't work.
Should it?
I even tried pointing the address from the same machine running the vysor and it doesn't work.
Any firewall is disabled.

Vysor "pauses" the playback of the remote device when the app window does not have focus until I bring its window to the foreground. If I've been away from the Vysor window for 30 minutes it fast-replays everything up to the current time. I know this because the system clock on the screen indicates the speeded up time, and I see everything that happened while the app was in the background replayed.

Why does Vysor pause the stream in the background? Please make it stay real-time even when it's in the background, since a number of times it confused the hell out of me while testing as the info on the screen did not correspond to my actual device's status.

My Samsung Galaxy s8 mirror image on Windows is very narrow and I cannot resize it (I have Vysor Pro). What can I do about this? or is there an issue with the Galaxy s8?

I bought visor pro and it screwed up my phone's resolution. Everything is small and I cant get it back to normal, any ideas?

I can not connect wirelessly with myself when I am connected to the cable, which does not make sense because I disconnect the cable and I lose the communication

My keyboard does not show up like before on my phone in messenger after I disconnect the USB cable
Windows 8.1
Samsung Galaxy S8
Android 7.0
Vysor pro version 1.8.2

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