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Having issues? Here's how you can resolve common errors and get help:

Can't Find your Android
Here are common solutions for why Vysor may not be able to find your Android:

Black Screen
Here are common solutions to fixing the black screen issues:

Billing and Licensing

Still broken? Provide this information in a post in this community:

Short description of your issue
Desktop operating system
Graphics driver version and date
Android device model
Android operating system version
Vysor version
If your Android is rooted

Reload Vysor
Then use Vysor so it breaks, do not close any windows.
Then grab the Vysor logs as follows:
From the Vysor device list, press the Bug Report button in the bottom bar.
Wait for it to create a bug report.
Copy the bug report link.
Provide the link when creating your post in this forum.
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i signed up for enterprise account and it still wont let me go full screen. it keeps telling me to upgrade,

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Vysor 1.9.0 Desktop application and or Vysor 1.9.0 on Chrome. Both are still giving me the same error in which it has this error. I have the Lifetime license, because I thought since I use it a lot, might as well support it. This started happening shortly after.

My Bug report. right when I launched.

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I can Manage to have Vysor work, but I have a black screen when opening 'BlackBerry Work' app.
Can this be solved: (please refer to last picture)
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I have a problem. I accidentally logged in with the wrong account and now I want to log in in with this current google account. Is there a way that I can change it? I couldn't see an issue like this anywhere, even in the FAQ. Help would be appreciated.

Kyle Branco

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Subscription is active,
Vysor 1.9.0 in chrome is logged in as Pro - correct

Vysor 1.8.3 standalone on Mac OS 10.12.6 gives an object error for the pasted token (see screenshot)

Account and token are correct - have reset/reinstalled/reloaded pasted new tokens etc

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Did anyone in this blog ever get a response to their questions???

I bought a "lifetime" license, but I'm still getting ads.
What gives? How do I apply my license?
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