Are you running a large Linkedin Group, with >spammers< on board?

Curt Gowan just wrote this post in the "LI Group Experts. Tracking changes and workarounds in the Groups system" group:

It dawned on me that -- as far as I know -- no one on the Groups team owns or manages a massively-large LI group like many of us do. (I have, however, found various small test groups with interesting names <smile>.)

If you have a group under a heavy spam attack, may I suggest you do what Sophie Bonnet and I did for our phone call yesterday? Our members are very well-behaved, but we have a huge problem with RTJs from scammers, students, and recruiters.

I temporarily let Sophie join our 81,000-member group -- and made her a Manager so that she could mimic the contortions our team members go through in order to evaluate RTJs.

Perhaps a couple of you with a severe spam problem could have Sophie Bonnet "ride along" as you work on the spam in your group.
You can book a 30-minute call with her:

Sophie Bonnet is in charge of Linkedin Groups:

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Have your clients been complaining how much their Views are down since last year?
Many clients of mine have had a significant reduction in views (myself included) on posts since Oct/Nov/Dec last year. I'm wondering if LinkedIn's reporting has become more accurate and is reporting actual views (clicking on 'See More') rather than impressions (times it's show in feeds).
Can anyone shed some light?

I know there's a way to look at someone on LinkedIn and find similar people, because I DID it before - only now I can't remember how! Not as a recruiter - the goal is to look at an ideal prospect and see who LinkedIn suggests as being like him/her.


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My guest blog for Spin Sucks published today about using your personal story to set yourself apart on LinkedIn.

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Does anyone else have this feature? Video continues to play in the left rail even as you scroll. I don't have it yet.

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Done-for-you service - do you use ANY tools?

I'm seeing more courses about setting up LinkedIn "agencies" - some of whom also recommend software or automation methods.

I'm not sure I'd set myself up as a LinkedIn agency, but many of our digital marketing clients want (and need) help with LinkedIn.

So I'm trying to figure out what we can realistically do, and what tools/people need to be in place.

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