Noticed that views, likes, comments on native videos don't show up under notifications, but I get email and phone pop-ups. Are you seeing the same thing? 

OK, now that we have video... what's your favorite tool for adding captions?

We can now see the date we connected with someone on LinkedIn. Is this one of the features that was available in the past or is it brand new? I can't remember whether we could see this information before the changes to the desktop UI.

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Here's my post about the new LinkedIn and Microsoft app for Windows 10 that was announced this morning.

Is LinkedIn fudging stats on how many people are viewing your posts? I have heard from a couple people that when LI changed from "Views" to "clicks" the number of viewers dropped dramatically.

What gives?

We have live video....finally! Who has it?

I looked for all Socilab LinkedIn network analyses I could find on the web (mine included there are only 8 total. If you average those out, it would take 1700 or 15000 users of that type confederating their 1st-degree LinkedIn network to a new B2B social network to get to 1M+ and 10M+ unique members, respectively.

The math is my own and quite likely full of holes, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate to within half an order of magnitude. Does anyone else ever look at this sort of network calculation? 
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