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What Do You Stand To Lose?

So you are thinking, how can N2,500 get me N1, 000,000? The real question however is what do you stand to lose?

Have you lost N2,500 before?
Have you spent N2, 500 on
something you today can’t even remember? How many N2,500’s have you spent this year that has no promise or hope of anything in return?

Let me show you what you stand to gain with this N2,500:

1) It gets you a product called
Ruzu Bitters; it is nature’s purevmiracle. It has been tested in the laboratory, passed all necessary
test required and more.
You can use Ruzu Bitters to
detoxify your system, eliminate bacteria related illness, help manage high blood pressure and blood sugar, reverses cell damage
created by oxidative stress and much more. The health benefit is unbelievable. Try it and you will be convinced.

2) It gets you into a loyalty plan. By simply sharing this phenomenal product with 2 friends, you can be on your way to earning N1,000,000
in a few days or weeks. This is no raffle, you follow a simple process and you earn.

3) It gives you a platform to help people. Imagine
someone who has
spent hundreds of thousands or even millions on medical bill calling to tell you he/she is fine after taking the product you referred them to and now they can also earn

4) When the people you refer earn their N1,000,000, you also earn N140, 000 for been the one who referred them to Ruzu Bitters.

This is truly unbelievable. N2,500 can get you all these and much more. Don’t let another N2,500 go to waste because really, what do
you stand to lose?

Buzz me to know more Now!
WhatsApp- 08057310955

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Do you want to become a

Yes i am currently running with a system that can help
you earn a million in 13weeks or less by just buying a bottle of Ruzu Bitters and following a few easy steps. Buy one bottle of Ruzu Bitters and enter the companies loyalty scheme.

Encourage two of your friends to also buy one bottle each. Get your friends to encourage
2 of their friends and your friend’s friends to do same. Do this weekly for 13 weeks and you could earn
#1,000,000. I have loads of
testimonies of people that Ruzu Herbal Bitters has helped with:

~Diabetes ~High Blood Pressure
~Weak Attention
~Typhoid and Malaria ~Vaginal Discharge
~Menstruation anomalies ~Waist Back and Pains ~Fibroid ~Infertility
(Male and Female) ~Gonorrhea/Staphylococcus ~Syphilis
~Obesity/Stomach Troubles
~Detoxifies the Kidneys and tones the Liver

It will help you and your friends too. This is a product you need and want to buy,
now imagine being rewarded to get your friends to use what helped you.


Contact me on WhatsApp: 08057310955

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Introducing the Ruzu Bitters
We have 20 Million Nigerians who
are Diabetic! Based on the African
diet, diabetes is predicted to
become an epidemic in a few more
years. The cost of management is
high, the drugs are not curative.
Weak Attention is also a menace!
The population of unsatisfied wives
is also on the increase. High blood
pressure management drugs
weaken erectile functions. The
population of those who have these
challenges are more than people
own up for.
Or is it typhoid? Malaria? High
Blood pressure? Fibroid? Menstrual
anomalies or sexually transmitted
The market space for solving any of
these problems is in the millions.
This is surely an opportunity to
help people around you, live
healthy lives, and also empower
you to earn phenomenal income
while attending to that.
If you know anyone who suffers
from any of these
challenges, then your business has
new possibilities.
Weak Attention
Typhoid and Malaria
Vaginal Discharge
Menstruation anomalies
High Blood Pressure
Waist, Back and Joint Pains
Infertility (Male and Female)
Obesity/Stomach Troubles
Detoxifies the Kidneys and tones
the Liver
The Ruzu Bitters is not just another
supplement, it’s curative! It’s not a
60 day trial product, the effects can
be seen in under 24hrs. Ruzu
Bitters is different from all other
bitters in that it’s 100% natural, no
additives and not artificial
preservatives. All the extraction
materials are all natural. It’s
natures pure miracle!
The Ruzu Bitters combination has
recorded strong testimonies over
the last 8yrs, and has been duly
approved by Nafdac. The potentials
for export for this Nature’s Miracle
is also amazing.
The Amazing Ruzu Herbal Bitters is
scientifically proven. . . It's
Nature's Pure Miracle!.
Place your order today, call 08057310955

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Be very afraid!

Many times, people ask....this Ruzu, does it really work? Most people start taking Ruzu with heavy doubts and reservations. No long story, here's an observation/question someone raised after sometime of using Ruzu:

"After taking ruzu bitters, I discovered that my blood pressure came down from 180/140 to 120/75 and my fasting blood sugar from 180 to 97 and weight from 103kg to 95 am worried if there is going to be side effects my name is Owolabi Odulaja."

Our health professionals response: Your initial blood pressure, sugar and body weights were all abnormal. Now Ruzu is making them normal and you're afraid. I'm afraid of you o😀

Na so. That's how we roll. Ruzu Bitters Helping Lives hundreds and thousands at a time. With the economy, health issues mount daily, and Ruzu keeps rising up to help, and our bank accounts are happy for that.

Are you ready to be a part of this health and wealth drive? The best time to plug in is NOW! Buzz me if you're tired of procrastination.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
Whatsapp: 08057310955
Call to order- 08057310955

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A wonderful opportunity to create income on line.
Just purchase your pack and share. 

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