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I guess I should start off by adding some links for new users :)
The Android Beta is here:
The Landing page is here:
The web app is here:
but the iPhone app isn't ready for you guys yet.

If you want me on Twitter it's here:

Welcome and have fun!!
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The first big update is live now! It includes new web site, web app and Android app.

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Oh, and there is a new video

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Maps link from location is a nice thing, but I must say it looks really really bad ;)

With dark theme, your Calendar is beginning to look the way, I'm happy to use it :) May you please add polish translation? I can help with it, if you'd like. Cheers :)

Very nice update. Dark theme looks great! But the color picker settings do not stick either in the free theme nor the dark theme. I tried clearing recent but no change, original calendar colors revert back to their original values. Am on Samsung S7 Edge using 6.0.1 on Verizon (rooted)

Please let me know if you need any additional details

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Here are the 3 themes in the new version. It's coming to Beta testers within days :)


I was wondering if the calendar's app data and the web app's data will be controlled together with an account or something like that in the near future.


Hi Peter,
I've been using OneView quite a bit in the last 2 weeks and navigation is really quite cool.
I have found one odd thing though: why does 2017 start with week number "0"? I know things tend to vary a bit from country to country but starting with zero is something I never heard of...


+peter molyneux​ one more suggestion, if I may. I did love the new design, and I would love to have something similar as a widget. Are you planning to develop that?

All the best and once more, nice work!! ο»Ώ
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