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This community is in lockdown. No moderators are to let anyone else in until further notice from me.

I have received news that there is currently a raid going on against many furry communities. I repeat - No moderators are to let anyone else in until further notice from me, or clarified in the meantime.

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lol I live in New haven xD and the the Furry HAVEN

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Hey who want to join the Furry marines against furry haters it is a community that tells who is a furry haters or not and inform others community about them

but we are only looking for owners and mod


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Sup. :3

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Furry Profile
The image is a preview of what EJ will look like ^^
Name: DJ EJ Wolf
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Raving, Gaming, Drawing, Writing and making new friends
Dislikes: Depression, Sadness, slow music and short-lasting friends (Friends for one second then gone the next)
Personality: Friendly, open-minded, optimistic and always looking at the positive side of things.

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I love how im apart of 13-14 DIFFRENT furry communities and i rarely get noticifations for them what happened to you guys? There used to be so much more yiff action (no offence to anyone im rping with im just saying). I mean, i remeber pool parties, trips to the clubs, what happend to those? I feel like yall have lost your spirit, i mean being a furry is about being individual and fun loveing. Also kind, protective and generouse with your time. I may not be the most inspirational speaker, but we need to step it up a notch if we are going to show the world who we really ard. Otheriwse they are gonna crush up lkke they have everyone else. WE AEE NOT JIST ANOTHER FANDOM, WE ARE A FAMILY!

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Heya my fellow furs and followers!! I got something for ya now!
I got a book, I'm gonna post one chapter per week, you guys can read, comment, and just enjoy it. It's is based off an RP I did with +Lost Entity. Paradox but it is just so good, I'm gonna share it!

So read and enjoy!
You can follow me for more, but honestly I do not give a damn if you do or don"t.

A Furry Tale
Markio And Paradox
Earth; The only place found that Humans and Furs live in. They are not peaceful though. Humans hated Furs, they spat on them, they insult them, they beat them. Living as a Fur was not easy. As a Fur you was born as a small animal then you grow bigger and seem more human like. Furs can do anything Humans can do. But they are hated for reasons they don't know. It will never be a fairy-tale if you are a Fur. Markio Seth, John Seth, Paradox Entity, and Monochrome Entity knew this rule very well. This is their story, told by Markio Seth

Chapter 1: Markio Seth.

I  was a gray and white striped feline. I was 5' 6" and had a normal body. I  never wore shoes, but I had Tan cargo shorts, A black T-shirt and a Medium heavy Jacket. Today i was walking to the toy store to buy a gift for my brother. Both me and my brother was 22. When you are a Fur you have a longer lifespan than normal animals. I found myself walking on the sidewalk, avoiding Human contact. I reached the store and walked in.

I look around to see if John would like anything. But I noticed another Fur. She was a Black Canine with a pink stripe along her tail and body. She was carving a wooden puppet. I went to go say hello...But was shy at first. My social skills sucked, I don't trust people or furs...all for good reason. So I shop around but I notice that she keeps smiling and staring at me.I summoned enough courage to go talk to her. I walk up to where she was sitting.

"Hello...Hey that quite and interesting thing you are making there..." I said shyly.

"Oh thanks." She grinned and looked up at me. I smile back. "So what are you doing here? It's quite a lovely day outside." 

"Oh just, finishing a new puppet...I don't get out that much..." Her white centered eyes curiously peered at me. She sat the puppet down on the stool. I shuffle my feet and smiled. "That's very nice but it's too bad cuz I heard there was a dance later tonight but I'm not sure if I should go or not anyways." I shrug my shoulders and looked around. "Oh yeah I heard about that on the radio." She stood up and wagged her tail, she hummed and placed her puppet on the shelf. "Wow word of that has been going around huh?" I said. I walk over to the shelf and picked up the puppet to look at it more closely. "Mhm, Of Course!" She laughed and walked over at a window and looked out.

I put the puppet back on it's shelf and walked over to the girl. "So do you even got any plans tonight?" I asked. "No not a single one.” she said with a smile. I blushed and asked, " you want to go and try to go to that dance with... um me?" She nodded, "Sure" I felt a rush of joy and relief. "OK sweet! So what time do you want me to pick you up? The dance is at eight I think."

"I think I can walk or run, Trust me i'm a weirdo!" She crackled and her right eye went red. I was surprised and freaked out a little on the inside. "...So... I will see you around 6:30 here?"

"If i'm here!" She grinned and wagged her tail. "I just wonder around half the time." She said. I laugh and waved goodbye, then I walked home. 
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