(My other cat)

Name: Silvermask

Gender: Female

Clan: Srsly...?

Personality: Nice, weakish, very agile, grumpy if sleepy, happy-go-lucky, funny.

Mate: None

Crush: Fallowstar XD

Likes: Basically anything

Dislikes: Being hurt

Looks: A dark gray coat with silver markings and amber eyes, has a silver mask of course :P

You might be thinking; "What could possibly get me banned?" Welp. Im here to answer that. 

If you godmode, thats a nice way to get a tempa ban. (or permanent if its consistent.)

If you try to kill another player, you will have a warning, then a suspension. If you try to kill them again, banned.

If you attempt to roleplay as a leader from another clan, you might get a warning or suspension, I might just as well kill you :P (jk)

So thats about all that can get you banned/suspended! Im a easy going leader :P


Treat others the way you wanted to be treated :P

You must make a character and have it approved by me to start roleplay c:

There is no different clans, only Hopeclan :P

If enough people wish to change the name, I will indeed change it.

Have as many characters as you want! You just have to keep up with them all :P

NO GODMODE!!! I dont wanna hear; has very sharp claws, so stong that nothing can hurt me, etc. You will be auto banned if thats what I hear (or you have to beg me to make another char.)

Name: lightningtail
Personality: Strong, Quick, Funny, Happy go lucky, Nice
Yellowish color with white paws, and and a black tail tip. green blue eyes.
Mate: none
Crush: silvermask

Clan: Srsly...?

Last part just messing with u


*Fallowstar sits at his of the top of a hill that overlooks the clan. His eyes brighten up.

"This day is going perfect. The sun is out, the clan is living, everything is perfect." he says to himself, his brown colored tail swishing in pride. He watched as you walked up to him.

"Hello Fallowstar." you greet the leader cheerfully. He nods to to and motions for you to sit next to him.

"Wonderful day, isnt it?" He meows, his mew sounding memorized by the sun. You nod in agreement.

Name: Fallowstar

Gender: Male

Personality:  Thoughtful, fearless, strong, broad shouldered,  grumpy if sleepy or displeased, can get mean easily or if ticked off.

Mate: N/A

Crush: None

Likes: Birds, thriving clans, work, snow or rain.

Dislikes: Rivals, kittypets, Firestar owo.

Looks: A darkish brown coat with darker brown tabby markings and a cream underbelly. Blue eyes.
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