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Favorite Quote: i won't fall here...i can't! Not until i change the world with my own hands! So don't count me out until the fight is done!

Full Name: Light Darksoul

Nick Name: Light

Age: 16

Species: half human, half dog

Personality: He is sorta cold and always looks bored but is really fun-loving and protective. Feels as if he needs to make up to the world and change it for the better. He is hyper and loyal to even the ones who betray him.

Gender: Male

Anima Power: Dog

Sexuality: Straight

Description on looks: In Picture Below

Likes: Dogs, anything sweet, friends, swords

Dislikes: Evil people, kings, his past, scars, veggies

Occupancy: Is a amazing swordsman and thief and his goal is to ensure no one feels the pain he had, but he can be found sleeping or relaxing a lot.

Other: Can manipulate his curse to use strange soul powers and he is unnerved by girls.

Bio: Trained by his parents at a young age to become great thieves like them, light was raised greedy and cocky as his skills were incredibly high even at age 10. After what he saw as a successful day he went home unknowingly leading a witch there as well. He had stole a collar from the witch thinking he can sell it but he was not good enough and was seen as he walked away. The next day while he ate with his parents, the witch attacked and murdered his parents then turned to him. She smiled evily and called the collar to her then forced it on light and watched in delight as the collar changed him. It painfully grew his teeth and forced claws out of his fingers and made a tail appear and his hair turned to a snowy white. After it was over she turned and left, light awoke and looked in a mirror at the strange new boy in it...then he hear the police. When the police was there they thought light caused it and shot at him as he fled he went to his fathers hidden bunker and decided to train. After a year he came out with a swird he created, heaven's sin, and vowed to never let what happened to him happen again....

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Name:Kane Profitt
Age:16(I forgot to say you can edit your age.)
Species:Half-Human Half-Angel
Blood type:A+
Likes:Short girls, Climbing, The sky, Outdoors
Dislikes:Tall girls, Being stuck, Sitting in one place, Indoors
Powers:Flight, Light energy control
Skills:Climbing, Athletic, Swimming, Paragliding. Basically anything daredevilish
Weapons:Broadsword, Taurus magnum
Relationship status:Single
BF/GF name:N/A
(If your a mod you can be approved by other mods but the owners can make profiles and not need approved.)
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Explores Japan's slums and runs into you by accident and helps you up Sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going.

Everyone! Here is how you'd set up the profiles along with a picture of yourself anime based!
Anime I'm from

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Name- Kennosuke Chigusa (I like to be called Chi-Chan)
Age- 17
Species- half vampire, half demon
Height- 5' 9"
Anime I'm from: Blood C
Appearance - tall with long black hair, extremely light skin, red eyes and a wiry yet strong figure
Personality- I am completely innocent off of the battle field but when I unsheath my sword, I become a murderous maniac with no mercy
Likes- (non-battling) kittens, dancing, books and drawing (battling) blood, revenge, swords, guns and torturing the weak
Dislikes- being hit, large dogs and small children
Sexuality- Straight
Bf/Gf Name- N/A
Bio- Chi-Chan was born to a vampire mother and demon father in the realm of demons. She was raised being taught black magic and to fight. Her father died and she sealed his soul into her sword. When she came to Earth to find her father's killer, she lost all recollection of her life, only remembering that she must destroy vampire and demon hunters and that she must find who killed her father. She works at a dance studio by day and assassinates vampire and demon hunters by night, working to avenge her father.
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