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Who created TIcoin?
EVcoin makes the current with concept of "hidden currency" realized. In 1998, Wei Dai first described the concept of "hidden currency" in the cypherpunks mailing list, which refers to control the issuing and transaction of currency in cryptography theory other than depending on the new monetary form of central administration. In 2013, Lucian (technician of UK EDC internet company) discovered TIcoin based on the concept of Bitcoin block chain while developing the BitSpirit cultivation game, and once developed the amazed discovery in the interior journal of EDC. However, his weak technical application made the development of TIcoin stopped. In 2015, the enthusiast of block chain found the TIcoin once again and thought it is similar to Bitcoin, and has more commercial value. Therefore, they spread the concept of TIcoin to enable more people to realize the existence of TIcoin after integrated collection. Subsequently, the British Elves Valley ore company developed TIcoin intensively, picked up and popularized the business. In the late 2015, TIcoin was introduced to Asia from Europe. Hereafter, numerous developers were committed to TIcoin project, and the TIcoin grew fast. Though development of TIcoin is full of twists and turns, the currency integrated with commerce, security and science and technology is finally found by us.
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