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ATTENTION: I have updated the community's description with new rules and information. If for any reason you fail to read the changed description, here is a shorter version of it ~

1) * Minecraft Pixel Art ONLY. If you want to complain about that one creeper that blew up your epic base, go to a Minecraft community. We're artists here.
2) * Obviously, looking at Rule 1, NO SPAM. Post one, you get banned. However, if you post spam on accident, you have five minutes to remove it. Five minutes ~ no more.
3) * Please respect everyone. Keep in mind that we're all humans with actual feelings.
4) * Absolutely NO arguing with the staff. That just increases your chances of being banned.

Mods = Police. Their word is final, unless an Owner says otherwise.
Owners = The effin' president(s). Their word is ABSOLUTELY final, and they may do with this community as they please. They own this place.

Problem? Question? Contact us!
+Princess Eternia​​​
+Cat Pie​​​ [although I suggest you contact me instead, Cat's account is a little broken.]
+Hey Its Me Gracie​​​
+Dark Rainbow Flashthere we go lol

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Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. ;~;

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Dory on finding nemo


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Pokemon pixelart
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I don't know how many people will see this, but I am now offering my bead arts and future creations for sale. If you want some bead art for yourself of your favorite 8-bit creations, let me know and I'll get them to you.

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Hey +Neyen Squid Aka Neyen​ and +Joshua Taylor​ are you guys still active? You two were my best builders back when I was only a mod :P and it'd be awesome if you guys were still online. I'd love to have your assistance in helping me get more members and making this place more alive :3

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