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L'albero con le radici in cielo.
Il Baobab è una delle piante più fantastiche e bizzarre che Madre Natura abbia mai creato. Emerge solitario dalle piatte savane africane, unico tra gli alberi a sopportarne i torridi caldi estivi e le prolungate siccità, ed affonda talora le proprie radici nel granito vivo; signore incontrastato di una vegetazione povera, composta da erbe ed arbusti spinosi, raggiunge dimensioni incredibili, a dispetto delle condizioni ecologiche estreme in cui vive.
Fonte di cibo, medicine e materiale per costruire case ed oggetti quotidiani, sacralizzato in molte tribù, simbolo totemico e luogo di riunione, protagonista infinito di storie e leggende popolari.
Chiamato Albero Magico, Albero Farmacista e Albero della Vita, il nome Baobab deriverebbe dall'arabo “bu-hibab” (frutto dai molteplici semi).
Esso non può essere abbattuto dall'uomo, ma solo da eventi naturali, anche se le profonde e lunghissime radici gli consentono di resistere alla furia dei cicloni.
Questo poderoso simbolo dell'Africa, che sembra unire il cielo alla terra, fornisce agli uomini nutrimento e rimedio a vari disturbi e malattie, ma trova anche diversi altri impieghi, anche quando non vive più.
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                 True passion for designing spectacular settings.
From simple to dramatic, colorful to conservative, we strive to make your celebrations a memorable event for you and your guests. We make your dream day simply fabulous. Our love for weddings and events has created a true passion for designing spectacular settings for our clients. The personal settings and attention to details will help make your special day memorable and stress free.

From the pre-planning stages to the finished project, our goal is to ensure that you have a wedding or event of your dreams. We are committed to quality, reliability and artful designs to compliment your style. We look forward to helping you create your dream event, whether you are hosting a small intimate gathering or a large gala event.

Our goal is to make decorating your wedding both simple and affordable. We provide decor options for reception elements such as chairs, chair covers, accents and everything needed to make your event spectacular. Our team will work with you to ensure the event includes your own unique taste and sense of beauty. From amazing weddings receptions to corporate events and parties, we decorate and dress up the event to make your guests comfortable.

We ensure your event is decorated to perfection. Let us make your day look exactly the way you imagined it. WE MAKE IT DIFFERENT

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                           Creativity at its best
Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life, and one you’ll remember above all others. It’s undeniable however that organizing a wedding can extremely be hard work and unless you start delegating to friends and family members, you’ll soon end up being worn out and exhausted. Of course you are meant to enjoy your wedding day and this is where Expat Events come in. we work with you to add a unique dimension to your event. We are driven by firm attention to details and firm commitment to the highest standards. With our creativity, we bring elegance and class to your event. Creativity is at the heart of what we do. If you have a reason to party, we have a reason to make it special. Contact us for creative events and décor

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How to reduce the cost of your wedding without compromising the elegance of your big day.
Wedding is the time when any bride wants nothing but the best. But you don’t need to spend lavishly on each and every item in order to have a great wedding. Even if you are short on funds, don’t lose heart. You can plan a beautiful wedding even within a limited budget. A lot can be saved on items. It’s advisable to acquire the services of an experienced wedding planner who will help you achieve a lovely wedding on affordable budget. He will help you prepare a detailed budget for your wedding. He’ll help you to come up with a rough estimate of how much you can afford to spend on each item and try to purchase items that suit the budget. This would help you in keeping a track on your expenditure.

If possible try holding your wedding on any other day except Saturday. Since this is the day that most events are held, the rates of everything are much higher. Also try to fix the wedding in the months of January to March. Having your wedding on peak seasons of April, August and December means you may shoot well past your budget sine this is the time when the prices are at the highest. But during off-peak seasons, you can take advantage of various discount deals.

When it comes to invitation, there is no need to invite every person you know on earth. Wedding is a private ceremony. Send invitations to close relatives and friends only. Avoid a long guest list. The bigger the guest list, the higher the budget. When buying the dress, online bridal shops are the best place where you can buy elegant bridal gowns at discounted prices. Online bridal stores also offer attractive discounts and clearance gowns. You can also opt for a hire service.

For more on how to plan a lovely wedding on an affordable budget, expat events and decor will guide you and the end results will be amazing.

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Making your wedding a reality.
 A wedding is a ceremony where people are united in marriage. There’s a very huge difference between modern and traditional weddings. Unlike traditional weddings where there was no major ceremony but just a come we stay, modern weddings are far much different. Modern weddings are not anything to compare with the traditional weddings. Everything is different. From attires to decor, nothing is similar to the tradition. The cost of the wedding in tradition would be shared among the community. The community would come together for the success of the big day. Unlike modern days where the couple meets the cost of the wedding and sometimes assisted by close friends who form a committee.

Modern weddings are planned by wedding planners. They get what the couple wants and make it a reality. Weddings take months to be planned. Modern weddings are more glamorous than they once were. Modernization and increase affluence have led to an urge to impress and outdo each other.  This has taken wedding arrangements to different heights. People are impressed by what they see. Wedding decor is a very important part of the wedding arrangements. A decor expert must use the current trends in the decor industry to bring style and elegance in the event. From style ideas to decor tips. In case of themed weddings, a decor expert must match the colors with the selected theme of the wedding.

To make your event memorable and exceptional, Expat events and decor offers you full floral and event design services customized specifically to your own personal style. You can be assured that your event will be artfully executed from start to finish.

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Celebrating Mothers Day
Mothers Day is observed the 2nd Sunday in May. It’s the time to honor mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers for their contribution to family and society. Mothers’ Day is celebrated with cards, gifts, flowers, a special meal out, jewelry or chocolate and candy.

This Mothers Day, Expat events and decor will help you express how you feel about your mum by surprising them with gifts, chocolates, flowers and messages from the heart that really capture the way you feel about them.

Mothers Day is a really great day to share how we feel about our mothers. Make Mothers Day 2015 special by making your orders today and get free deliveries within Nairobi.

Maybe you might want to host a party for your mum. Expat events and decor will give you the best decor which will transform the venue and the atmosphere to a desired ambiance. WE MAKE IT DIFFERENT.

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