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Presenting to you, the Executive Board of New Delhi Institute of Management Model United Nations, after a long process of selection and shortlisting. Up next is a set of Background Guides that are detailed enough for a first timer to quickly understand, and a set of documents from the Secretariat, outlining the roles and mandates of each committee.

Delegate applications opening on 20th of April!

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The press is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.

The Organizing Committee of NDIM MUN 2017 proudly presents to you the International Press heads for the conference.

Editor-in-chief - Lakshita Bhasin
Head of Photography - Raunaq Gupta

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Presenting New Delhi Institute of Management Model United Nations, from the former organizers of TDIMUNC, with the aim of improving on our success.

Join us this July in eight committees, the best of the best, while experiencing the hospitality of modern conferences as a culmination of the former experiences of the organizers.

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The Secretariat of NDIM Model United Nations'17 now presents to you the International Press applications for the conference.
Reporters, editors, and photographers are all welcome to come and be a part of this amazing ordeal.
We look forward to your responses.
Following are the links:




Apply Now...
Your hosts this July,

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Round 1 of Individual delegation applications are now open!
The matrices and agendas of all committees are mentioned in the forms themselves.

Keep in mind that the United Nations Security Council is a double delegation committee and the United Nations General Assembly - Special Political and Decolonization Committee is a school level double delegation committee. The ICW has a separate form, in order to ensure a standard for discussion in the committee.

The Background Guide for nearly all committees will be posted on this page here on the 4th of June. That's correct, the Guide will be with you as you apply, more than a month before the conference!

Link for all committees except the ICW:

Link for delegate applications of the International Confederation Wizards:

hi guys
anyone preparing for next mun

I would like to inform you about Quintessence Youth Summit 2017. Taking your verbal prowess in consideration, I believe you would be interested to join. Here is a link to the official page.
We have several committees with exceptional agendas as well an International Press for you to join.
For any further query, feel free to enquire.

Today is the last day to submit Country Profile

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go through this site for latest UN updates and info about resolutions and how to write them !

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