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In an effort to get teachers to develop more hands on classrooms I presented this on March 27

Anyone come up with any more tricks for managing learning issues? Here are a few mor things I do to help manage my issues: I keep lists, daily, weekly and so on. I update them and take great joy in physically being able to cross things off said lists.I tried doing this on my phone but it doesn't work as well, too slow.
  I also make a huge effort to surround my self with people I want to emulate and learn from in various ways. This helps keep me on track in terms of things like persistance and staying positive, two very important things when coping with learning challenges.
 The last thing is diet.I can tell if I eat less sugar and more vegetables etc my brain really does work better.

Hi all, sorry to be MIA, will try to catch up!  :)

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If we bring different ways of learning together as part of the curriculum differences don't feel so challenging 

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What can we do with paper that is unexpected?

I was particularly struck by Benjamin Mako Hill's comment in the session yesterday about so many people not knowing how things work, I think he was talking about code. He compared it to a world of people who are not taught to write but can only read.

  I feel very much like that as I'm trying to learn about the technology and the modern world. It's as if everyone around me knows something I don't, which is of course a common feeling for those of us with learning issues I dare say.

I am a special educator teaching slow learners with other associated comprehension problems for the past 5 years now. I am in India where exams are given a prominent place. My students are currently giving their senior secondary exams with subjects as diverse as business studies, English, home science, paintin etc. Over the past few years, I have experimented with several ways to teach them the topics and they have passed their exams. But what I hope to learn from all of you in this community is how to enthuse them for lifelong learning so that they are able to do well in life and not just in exams. I do look forward to your valuable inputs. 

Is there someone here using tools for learning spelling or other similar themes with kinestetic background? I was reading about a software using colors and sounds? I do know that some people remember codes with the sound of the numbers and remember the combination as a melody. It would be nice to have a look to such software or contrive this kind of tools. Some of my friends using the computer for spelling. There is also the problem that some people con not divide between right and left, sometime one can get this with help of body and sound: A girl told me that she was learning that in the situation of practicing piano, the left hand was combinded with some sounds the rigth hand with others.

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Does this change or help the way anyone of us understand the reading of this week.  I think if you give it a chance it might.
Summery of this weeks articles in a drawing. Drawing and writing really helps me to get the essence on this weeks articles. Now you don't have to read them all ;) Wondering what you guys would write and draw about this weeks literature...? Miss anything?
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