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dk if anyone is still here, but if so..i could really go for some rp right now..its been pretty dull

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Name: Bella Reaper
Age: 18
Position: Queen
Species: Demon angel
Powers: fire, ice, calling shadows, killing people with my thoughts
Personality: shy and mean at first but once you know me you will love me
Bio: Queen of demon angels
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Do this

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(Open) Purit'e luring children into her forest singing this song
 +Dante Alexander Hellgate 

(closed +Dante Alexander Hellgate ) you see light and you...(sorry i was working on something)

(closed to +Dante Alexander Hellgate) I am about to give birth when...

(closed to +Dante Alexander Hellgate as Drusilla)
I'm sitting in a bit I grass humming a lullaby in shadow form

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You must remember Blake, right?
Well here's a story i'm making 'bout Blake and all her life, enjoy!

Blake's new beginning: Part 1
"Blake, hurry up, you'll be late!" Yelled Blake's mother;
"Coming!" Rasped back Blake
Blake ran down stairs, packed her bag and kissed her mother as she got out the door;
"Jeez, it don't take me long to walk to school" Blake muttered to herself
As Blake was walking she thought of her mother, always there doing her things, like packing her lunch and all she did was yell;
"Sorry, God, please let my mother know i am" Whispered Blake as she walked along to high-school; That was two months ago; two months before Blake's mother was killed, assassinated is more like it, Blake thought. Right in front of her eyes.
"Miss Blake," Mrs.legman said rudely
"yes" Replied Blake dryly
Mrs.legman's voice brought her back to life, she realized she had fell asleep.
"and what do you think your doing, hmm, miss Blake"? Asked Mrs.legman again
Blake just stared at her blankly before answering.
"I don't know, work" Replied Blake
The class laughed a little, but then was silenced by Mrs.legmans strict look. As Mrs.legman looked back at Blake,but she just said blankly.
"Blake, i understand your grief, but the world still goes on, this is Gr.9, not J.K when you could just mess around; Now i'm asking you nicely, please take your work to the office and work there for you can clearly not do it here" Said Mrs.legman sternly as she gestured to the door
"Fine" muttered Blake as she took the english work and walked out the door, but towards her locker and not the office.
"What the hell does she know!" silently yelled and punched a locker beside hers.
"Fuck!" Pain swelled through Blake's knuckles and blood came from one.
"She knows nothing of me!" Whispered Blake as she got her things and walked out of one of the side doors from the high-school, leaving a drop of blood on the floor by her locker.
Blake opened the door to her house as quietly as she could, hoping not to wake her foster parent.
"Your home early" Came a voice
"Sorry, i just-"
"Sorry don't cut grades" Interrupted the voice
Blake sighed and went up stairs, weary after what had happened at school and being embarrassed in front of the class.
"I'm going down town, you wanna come?" the voice asked questionably as Blake went upstairs into her room.
"No, i'll just stay and do some home work, but thanks Matthew" Blake replied
"Ok, see ya, love ya" called Mathew
Blake answered back her good byes and slunk down into her bed, thinking of her mother as Matthew left and closed the side door. Blake flipped on her computer and played some music for 'bout half an hour while pacing in her room before she heard a knock on her window.
"Wtf?" Blake said as she lifted up the window,
Toby, her boyfriend, jumped in.
"'Ello, hello my love!" Whispered Toby
"Toby, your back at bit early?" Blake said with a slight smirk on her face
"So are you" Said Toby as he kissed Blake slightly
"Whats wrong, has Mrs.legman been bothering you again?" Asked Toby
"Yes, i ran out" muttered Blake
"No worries, love, i'm here for you" said Toby as he walked towards Blake and caught her up and placed her on her bed a sat with Blake. Toby pulled back Blake's hair behind her left ear before kissing her again.
"Toby, wait" Said Blake
"What is it, love?" Replied Toby
"I'm, just, so caught up, my mother gone" Broke off Blake as she started to cry
"Whoa whoa whoa, are those tears i see?" Said Toby softly as he wiped away her Blake's tears.
Blake kind of smiled as Toby got on top of her and his lips met hers again. Blake, in the moment, took of her shirt and bra, revealing her breasts'. Blake saw Toby as he started to caress them softly, then hard and then soft again. Blake's breasts' tingled with pleasure as Toby took off his shirt and pants. Blake started to get wet as Toby licked her breasts' in circler motions. Toby saw her looking at him, so Toby took off the rest, revealing his dick. Blake let Toby take off her pants, showing almost soaked panties. Blake saw Toby's dick harden at the sight of her wet vagina, making Blake more wet. Toby slowly took her panties off and started to finger Blake. Slowly yet forcefully Toby entered her vaginal canal with his fingers, 3 to be sure. Blake moaned a little and then quivered as Toby took out his fingers and started to lick Blake's vulva. Blake started to squirm as Toby's tongue reached into her vagina farther, sending pulses of pleasure and warmth all through her body.Toby pulled out and set Blake's legs in the air and inserted his dick.
"Oh, my, Toby, please be gentle" Whispered Blake to Toby
Toby nodded and started to thrust, in and out of Blake's vaginal canal. Toby's dick, as exiting, brushed Blake's lips and then vulva and then her vagina, all again and again. Blake moaned as she reached her climax.
"Toby, i think i'm cumming!?" Said Blake as vaginal liquid shot from her vagina past Toby's penis and splattered on her legs. Toby pulled out and ejaculated on Blake's breasts'.
"Toby" puffed Blake
"That, was, great" gasped Blake in between breaths, trying to regain her breath.
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