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name: Dha'ark Ky'jack
age: 13
gender: male
race: behemuth(dragon)
element: dark
power: can summon shadow beasts

standing in side the temple facing the shrine reciting something in dragon language
(open to anyone)

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Name: Eraner Belegos.
age: 16
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Power: can control Weather.
Species: Meiji
Bio: Woke up in tavern with no recollection of past. Since then have turned mercenary to survive. I have learned how to control my magic and is seeking adventure where my skills are useful. I am an excellent fighter. 
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meditates compleatly invisible to the world around me

Sits on a random log, eating a mini picnic.

*is jumping peek to peek using my cloak to help me glide threw the air*

Kyasuketto is meditating at the air temple focusing her energy and talking to her inner spirit guides

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Name: Aaron
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Meji
Element: Fire
Hair: Dark Brown, Shaggy and Fairly Long.
Skin: Light Brown
Eyes: They blaze brightly ((Picture))
Height: Slightly taller than the Average boy my age.
Likes: Action, Adventure, Causing some Trouble, Fire Skating, Playing\Listening to Music, Dancing, Fighting (If necessary), A challenge, Entertaining Other People, Eating, Animals, Summer, Volcanoes, The Sun.
Dislikes: Staying Still For too long, Doing Nothing, Being Belittled or Insulted, Boring People, Water, Swimming, People putting out my fires.
Personality: Fun Loving, Adventurous, Courageous, Can be Mischievous, Virtuoso, Optimistic, Boisterous, Kind-Hearted, can be Aloof, Can be Lazy, Has a natural curiosity, Animal lover, Has Determination, Protective, Caring, Understanding, Trusting, Helpful, Resourceful, Sociable, Can seem Cocky, Has a very soft side.
Power: Is pretty good at controlling fire, I can sense heat wherever it is, I rarely ever get cold, I can fly, I am immune to fire, I can absorb and make my own fire.
Bio: Was born in a rather poor family, but I always seemed to be happy and cheerful this normally kept everyone's spirits up even in the worst of situations. As I grew up, I met a lot available I got a good job for my mother and father. I helped them work sometimes. I always dreamed of travelling around and seeing the world, my parents knew this and one day, they said I could go off to where ever I wanted and that I was welcome back anytime I wanted. So I roam around now, meeting new people and learning some things on the way.
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Sahara and Drack lay out in the forest, Sahara snuggled up to Drack, his arm around her. She rests her head on his chest and smiles, hearing his heartbeat ...they match... our heartbeats...
Drack nods and holds her close as she drifts off to sleep. She was tired and weak, since the sun had set long ago

walks around in the swamp, seemingly aimlessly, looking for something where is it dammit...
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