A quarta temporada estreou? Ah! Perdi! A TV a cabo não anunciou. Já faz tanto tempo que até esqueci o canal. é na FX?

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Eu não fazia ideia que ia ter uma nova temporada já que a série acabou do jeito que acabou.. mas aqui está 

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What is your favorite thing about Claire Danes?

#homeland #celebrityname #actress 

Claire – Charitable Woman
Pronounced KLER, Claire is the French form of Clara, and it’s currently a very popular feminine given name in the United States.
Originally from Latin, it means “bright and clear”, and it can be spelt as Clair or Clare as well.

Famous Claires We Love:

Claire Danes – American actress, famous for her roles in the movies Breakdown Palace, Romeo + Juliet, Les Miserables, Stardust, and others. She also appeared in various roles in TV series, including Angela Chase in the teen drama series My So-Called Life, and Carrie Mathison on +Showtime’s political thriller series +Homeland. 

Claire Holt – Australia actress, best known for her role as Chastity Meyer in the 2011 teen comedy TV film Mean Girls 2, her role as Emma Gilbert on the TV show H20: Just Add Water, the role as Rebekah Mikaelson on The CW’s TV series +The Vampire Diaries, and its spin-off +The Originals.
Claire Boucher – Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, producer and artist, known by the stage name Grimes. Her albums so far include Geidi Primes, Halfaxa, and Visions. In 2013, she received the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the year.

Famous Claires in Books/ Movies/ Video Games/Music:

Claire Bennet – fictional character on +NBC’s sci-fi drama TV series Heroes, portrayed by Hayden Panettiere. Claire is a high school teenager, who discovers her power of rapid cellular regeneration – she can spontaneously regenerate any tissue in her body within minutes.
Claire Littleton – fictional character on ABC’s drama TV series +Lost, portrayed by Emilie de Ravin. She appears in the pilot episode as one of the crash survivors, when she’s pregnant. Giving birth later on, she appears regularly on the show until the fourth season finale where she mysteriously disappears, but comes back in season 6.
Claire Underwood – fictional character on +Netflix’s TV series +House of Cards, portrayed by Robin Wright. Claire is the wife of Frank Underwood, the main character of the show. She works as a lobbyist and leader of an environmental nonprofit organization. Wright has received many awards and nomination for her portrayal of Claire.
Celebrity Babies:

Oliver Platt named his daughter Claire in 1999.

Claire is the French form of Clara, itself a name of Latin origin. The feminine form of Clarus, Clara was formerly spelt as Clare. This was the name of several saints, the most prominent being Clare of Assisi, the founder of the Poor Clares order. Thanks to its profound etymology and rich history, Claire is a perfect name for a woman of charity, with warm and forgiving character, full of love and generosity.

What do YOU think of the name Claire? Would it be a good name for your baby girl or do you prefer the form Clara? Let us know in your comments either here or on the name page http://babynames.net/names/claire

O que é a Claire Danes neste ep.02? Genial.

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Queridos, entramos para a Comunidade agora, com prazer e carinho. Somos a equipe Idiotas Inferiores. Adreditamos que muitos já conhecem nosso trabalho. Pedimos licença Layani Prado, para pedir a todos que nos adicionem a seus círculos e acompanhem nossas postagens em tempo real.

Estamos mais uma vez, de volta com as legendas de Homeland, que serão postadas via de regra sempre nas terças feiras, assim que tivermos o retorno oficial e definitivo da série.

Visitem nosso blog, sigam-nos no twitter e curtam nossa página no face. É um prazer fazer o melhor para os melhores! ;)

Um grande abraço a todos, e tenham uma ótima semana !!

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Está chegando galera :)
The #Homeland trailer is finally here – and it’s full of the new footage you’ve been waiting for. What do you think it all means?
The real countdown to September 29th begins now…

Disponibilizado na NetFlix... HOMELAND. Demais!!!

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