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↠ нєℓℓσ αη∂ ωєℓ¢σмє..~ ↞

I, Eliza, welcome you to my community with open arms!
There will be rules, but for now I shall introduce you to my family.
This might take a while, so be patient, my dear.

First and foremost, will be my immediate family. Meaning my siblings, nieces, etc.

- King Elliot is the eldest of our family.
- Queen Elsa is the middle child.
- I am the youngest.

- Princess Emi lives with her mother, Elsa

- Prince Allen and Princess Luna live with their mother as well. Me~
- King Jack Frost lives with his wife and children. Me and the kids.

Now that you know our family, here are the rules~!

----------------------------------------------------------------- _*- No Drama!!*_
We made this community to avoid drama. If we see you causing drama, we WILL delete your post and give you a warning.

- Don't disrespect the moderators!!
Do this, and you will receive another warning!

- Don't post spam
No warnings (unless you continue)

- No attention-seekers
We came here to avoid that too. We want this to be a fun, happy and great place to roleplay! We don't want constant death or posts of crying/drama.



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Halo Are you foreign I,am from iraq I speak English ashway I don't know to speak English ashway OK Bay

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Me bored

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Hey,I just joined this place. It looks pretty cool and I like the font.
Animated Photo

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Um...Hi? Cool Name even tho I came up with the name... not gonna post much but I'll rp at night or my free time ~Admin

The Purple haired Beauty slowly entered the Palace Hello my Name is Rarity Please to meet you all
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