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Hey! Would love some feedback! 

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I proud to have my scars because they show me that I survived and if you can't deal with them you have to face your own demons first

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This is a book of poems I'm working on... There's only one at the moment, but for this book I'm putting an emphasis on aspberger's syndrome & how I see the world, in hopes that "normal" people can understand & hopefully accept those of us who don't think the way they do.

we should all have a chat as a group some time together

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watch this and comment

come join my community if u feel different than other people around you. Cause in this community u can talk freely without being judged  

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read and learn
I am not different from anyone else.I have aspergers syndrome but that does not make me different from anyone else.IT DOSE NOT make it right to bully me. i made a community were people that have aspergers syndrome or are just different can talk freely without being judged 

Tracy u r welcome to share your feeling without being judged

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Look every in and out of this group watch all this videos and u will see that just cause i have asperger's syndrome does not make it right to bully me.
Watch it for me

hello i hope you all have a great week. and if u don't vent out your feels on here with out being judged 
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